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| 1 February 2024 | Reply

Label: Equal Vision Records

Release Date: January 19, 2024

Rating: 91%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

The day in the office always dictates the music I play.  Meetings and deadlines call for upbeat energetic tunes and the latest from House Parties fits perfectly.  The short EP is packed with a power pop punk hybrid sound that gets the blood flowing, foot tapping, and head banging just enough to keep your day flowing. Disc opener “Braindead” is a cool twist of sounds that is pop punk forward and has a great cadence.  The guitars are fun and blend perfectly with the vocals as they mingle overtop the bottom end.  The echo-laden vocals on the bridge add a little depth overtop the chugging riffs.  “Get A Grip” unfolds a little slower than the opener, but the laidback musical approach allows you to absorb and enjoy the lead vocals as the song build sonically, exploding into a cool power pop track as the chorus hits.  The different sounds and textures are a cool mix that adds to the overall vibe of the disc.  “Mid-Life Crisis” is more in your face and straight ahead musically especially on the chorus that features some solid thumping bass lines, layered vocals, and a cadence that gets the foot tapping and even has me playing some air drums on my keyboard.  Disc closer “Waterworks” is the standout in my opinion, as it features one of the best vocals on the short collection.  The guitars, drums, and bass are perfectly blended to match the intensity of the lyric driving the song without overpowering the track.  This is the best 13 minutes of my day so far…

Tracklisting: Braindead – Get A Grip – Mid-Life Crisis – Waterworks







Category: CD Reviews

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ToddStar - that's me... just a rocking accountant who had dreams of being a rock star. I get to do the next best thing to rocking the globe - I get to take pictures of the lucky ones that do. I love to shoot all genres of music and different types of performers. If it is related to music, I love to photograph it. I get to shoot and hang with not only some of my friends and idols, but some of the coolest people around today.

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