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MUSIC REVIEW: ENVY OF NONE – That Was Then, This Is Now [EP]

Label: Snapper Music Ltd

Release Date: June 9, 2023

Rating: 90%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

It is always a proverbial crap shoot when an artist from (dare I say it) a legendary band moves on after the band calls it quits.  That was the case for me when Alex Lifeson of Rush fame announced his newest project Envy Of None.  Disc opener “Lethe River” is a great track to kick the short collection off.  The guitar work is simple yet intricate in the mix under some of the most ethereal vocals I have heard in a while.  The rhythm and groove of the track keeps you locked in while the four band members weave sonic magic, swirling the vocals, guitars, and rhythm section together with near perfection.  One listen to this track and I was hooked.  “You’ll Be Sorry” keeps the groove from the opener clicking along, but with a more contagious sound and feel that permeates every void within the songs DNA.  From Maiah Wynne’s killer vocals to the bottom end from Andy Curry (of Coney Hatch), this song has everything you need.  Add in Lifeson’s fret work and Alf Annibalini’s production and the song checks all the boxes.  “Dog’s Life (Remix)” is a redux of a track from the bands debut effort and it is slightly different from a lot of remixes I have heard over the years.  This one maintains the texture and tempered energy of the original while adding just enough to the (re)mix that the song takes on a slightly different vibe.  “Dumb (Der Dummkopf Remix)” is another remix treatment from the last disc, but this one takes a different approach and avenue than the last track in that this one sounds and feels as if it is ready for the dance floor in your favorite club or working away in your home office.  The tempo is amazing and the production gives it a slightly different energy without stripping the underlying flow of the original.  Disc closer “That Was Then” is the perfect bookend to close this EP out.  The song structure is close to what the band has offered up on the other tracks here, but there are hints of Lifeson’s influence, especially on the backing vocals and bridge.  You cannot deny the history of the members, but damn this is a great extension and addition to any and all of their legacies.

Tracklisting: Lethe River – You’ll Be Sorry – Dog’s Life (Remix) – Dumb (Der Dummkopf Remix) – That Was Then







Category: CD Reviews

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