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| 7 September 2022 | Reply

Label: Fearless Records

Release Date: September 9, 2022

Rating: 92%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

According to a recent press release: “Everything changes. As days roll into years, we grow and transform with each passing season. Eat Your Heart Out creatively harness this perpetual forward motion in their music. The Newcastle, Australia band —Caitlin Henry [vocals], Will Moore [guitar], Dom Cant [bass], and Jake Cronin [drums]—channel emo spirit through precise and powerful instrumentation with just the right amount of pop appeal, forever teetering between hard-hitting and hypnotic.  Disc opener “Forget Me” unfolds for a quick moment, but within seconds we are immersed in the emo-pop world of Eat Your Heart Out.  from Caitlin’s strong vocals and emotionally driven delivery to the heavy hitting bottom end in the mix, we get pop goodness drizzled over the emo vibe.  “Down” kicks off with a cool riff from Will Moore and it launches more killer vocals and a rhythm section contribution that rides in the background without taking a proverbial backseat.  The groove of this one is captivating and draws you in more with each listen.  “Twenty Something” is a familiar sounding track that leans on a bit darker sound and vibe without losing the pop sensibility that has been woven into each track on the collection.  I dig the basslines wrapped thinly into the mix making you notice without bombarding you with a heavy feel.  “Hostage” is one of those tracks that comes and goes before you know it, but to use any word other than hypnotic is an injustice.  The song has everything you want to listen to except for an additional 60 seconds or more.  The overall groove of the track allows you to dig in and enjoy each note and lyric.  “Sour” has an interesting guitar sound that swirls with Cant’s bass momentarily until the drums drop in for some fun.  Eventually singer Caitlin joins the fray, and we are off and running down an emo-pop laden road.  Disc closer “Headfirst” has that poppy, emo, modern rock radio riff sound that is supported by hammering drums, basslines laced intricately into the mix underneath the lyrics.  The real magic on this track is the cool delivery of the lyrics that adds punch to the track.

“Scissors” has a contagious rhythm and groove that is carried perfectly by the swirl of Henry’s vocals and Moore’s guitars atop the steady drumming of Jake Cronin and bass handling of Dom Cant.  The overall vibe puts a smile on your face and keeps your foot tapping while your head bangs lightly while at your desk reviewing if you are like me.  This one often has me replaying it as it passes through.  “Heavenly” is another guitar driven track that benefits from Will’s six-string sound that plays perfectly off the vocals and the bottom end, but this track seems to make way for the guitar sounds to stand out and take a proverbial bow.  The sonic breakdown on the bridge led by Cronin’s drums add depth to the track.  “Blood” is a bit darker lyrically, but the contrast in sonic tones keeps you from dwelling in the darkness.  The guitars on the bridge are some of the best on the disc and segue into a beautiful a cappella moment from Caitlin that haunts you long after the song has faded from your speakers. “Poison” starts up and I am taken aback each time I hear it.  The structure of the track from melody to vocal to bridge all have a unique sound that steps outside the framework of the rest of the disc but fits perfectly within the parameters set by the other tracks.  This song is the perfect pairing to a song like “Hostage” in that it gives you a different texture while being cut from the same cloth.  I still can’t get over how I stop to listen to each nuance within the song.  “Deep End” is pure pop wrapped in a candy coated vocal and sugar sprinkled six-string that takes the song from open to close while the bass lines float across the mix, especially on the chorus where they seem to stand out.  This is one of the easiest listening discs to come out of this subgenre since I fell in deep with Tonight Alive years ago.

Tracklisting: Forget Me – Down – Scissors – Twenty Something – Heavenly – Hostage – Blood – Sour – Poison – Deep End – Headfirst







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