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| 24 June 2022 | Reply

Label: Independent

Release Date: June 24, 2022

Rating: 98%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

If nothing else, 2022 has introduced me to some new artists – new in general or just new to me.  The former is the case of Orlando, FL’s Cinema Stereo who are dropping their debut release this week after delivering three singles over the last few months.  With each spin, I get deeper into the eight song disc and like it more each listen through.  Disc opener “Good Old Days” is just a delicious morsel and taste of what is to come over the next few songs.  The obvious comparisons to other young bands with old souls like Dirty Honey and Greta Van Fleet are going to be obvious, but keep in mind, these guys take that classic rock sound and wrap it in their own sound and deliver something both familiar and different sonically.  Don’t sleep on this track, as you can miss a lot in its just over two minute play time.  “No More” jumps and lands butted up against the opener, as if the former was an interlude that brings us to this rocker that incorporates a ballad-like opening that morphs into a solid rocker once the second verse hits.  The one-two punch is as strong as they come and helps set up the rest of the collection.  The vocal / guitar tandem swirls perfectly atop the drum and bass filled bottom end.  “No One Needs Your Love (Like I Do)” is a contagious rocker that features some of the best guitar work on the disc, from acoustic to electric and from straight forward to fuzzed riffs.  The vocals have a slightly different hue to them while the bottom end keeps the song on track without weighing it down.  The ear worm quality of this track is worth both the ride and the price of admission.  “Lady In Red Part II” is a smooth rocker that incorporates a lot of the different qualities of the other tracks and marries them in a song that borrows a different songs title without the two being joined by anything OTHER than the name and the players.  This song has a cool classic vibe woven into its DNA and helps tie the band to some of the other bands they are being compared to.

“Lady In Red Part I” is a beautiful piece that reminds me of an older track hiding in the depths of my memory, but seems fresh and new at the same time.  The lyrics are emotionally driven and delivered with precision from deep within, as are the various musical components that perfectly accompany the vocals.  Without a lot of rock ‘power’ for most of the track – until the bridge delivers a searing guitar lead – this song clings to your soul and sticks with you long after the final note has cascaded through the speakers of your choosing.  “Ride This Thing Out” is a bluesy rocker that features some cool riffs, fresh keyboard parts, and a cool melody that slides around from time to time, drawing you in then shifting gears on you with each sonic turn of the wheel.  The different textures of the track help it stand out while staying within the parameter of the other tracks on the collection.  “The Wine Song” is another song that digs up classic sounding riffs and breakdowns and swirls them into a rocking blues track.  Be sure to hang around for all the tasty guitar licks that are splashed across this track.  The real stars of this one is the bottom end, with thumping bass lines that stand up and out while the drum fills are hearty, especially on the pre-bridge that features a drum solo within the track.  Disc closer “Better Times” is a fun rocker that is as fun as it is infectious (yep, might still be too soon to refer to infections, flus, and the like).  This track is catchy from the vocals to the mix of guitars, drums, and bass that carry the song from start to finish.  There may be more intricate songs out there, but this one has all the makings of a killer live track with the vocals that elicit the yearning to sing along, the fret work that will please all the air guitarists, and enough push from the rhythm section that hands will be up and heads will be banging.  Check this one out so you can say you remember them BEFORE they got huge… I know I have and am so glad I did!

Tracklisting: Good Old Days – No More – Lady In Red Part I – No One Needs Your Love (Like I Do) – Ride This Thing Out – Lady In Red Part II – The Wine Song –  Better Times







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