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LIVE: LORNA SHORE – April 29, 2022

Venue: The Concourse

City: Knoxville, TN

Date: April 29, 2022

Review and Photographs by: Rachel Craig (

Lorna Shore is easily at the top of deathcore – and even the metal genre as a whole. The band has been drawing rapid attention and even went viral just last year, from member changes to one of their songs becoming a popular sound on TikTok. Lorna Shore is also a huge name on the Chaos & Carnage tour that starts in a few weeks, and they added some routing headliners to kick things off a little early. The first show on this tour was on April 29, 2022 in Knoxville, TN at my favorite venue, The Concourse, and this event made history in the local music scene. Not only was it the Concourse’s first sold out show in their new location, it was also the biggest sold out headliner for Lorna Shore so far. One thousand people going “To the Hellfire” (literally – this show also goes down as one of the hottest indoor shows I’ve ever experienced).

It all started with local support from Knoxville heavy bands, Sidious and Time & Eternity. Both gave strong performances and got the crowd warmed up – again, literally and figuratively. By the time that the touring support band, Distant, took the stage – the room was full of humidity, sweat, a deflated beach ball, spilled drinks, and playful violence in the moshpit. This was Distant’s first tour in the United States, as the band is from the Netherlands except for their current fill-in guitarist, Jordan Milner from The Breathing Process (Pittsburgh, PA). After Distant left the stage, the room was buzzing with excitement for Lorna Shore. The band quickly got ready and began their set with “Immortal” to screaming and moshing fans. One of the biggest draws with Lorna Shore right now is their vocalist Will Ramos, who joined the band last year. He has grabbed attention from deathcore fans and regular music fans alike for his range and control with harsh vocals. This easily translates live as well, as he powered through the band’s older material in his own style, like “Death Portrait,” “Misery System,” and “King ov Deception.” The band also performed all three songs from their latest EP, …And I Return To Nothingness, and even debuted a brand new song called “Sun Eater.” It was obvious which song would be the encore as fans shouted for “To The Hellfire,” and the band performed once more to fans pushing through the heat of the circle pit. The song has a very distinct and recognizable breakdown that caught the Internet’s attention last year, and it was the perfect chaos to end a night full of heat, violence, and community. This historic metal show showed what Knoxville was made of – and proved Lorna Shore to be some of the strongest performers in metal today.

Setlist: Immortal – This Is Hell – …And I Return to Nothingness – Death Portrait – King ov Deception – Sun Eater – Misery System – Of the Abyss – To the Hellfire





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