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U2 Upgrade Their Sound and Instruments By Joining TikTok

| 12 November 2021 | Reply

U2 Upgrade Their Sound and Instruments By Joining TikTok

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U2 has been smashing records and topping the rock charts for decades. The band was formed in the late 80s, composed of Bono (singer), Edge (guitarist and keyboardist), Adam Clayton, (bassist), and Larry Mullen Jr. (drummer). They have released notable hits like With Or Without You, Beautiful Day, and Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Joining TikTok

In 2014, the group made headlines by releasing Songs of Innocence (their 13th studio album) on iTunes for free. It automatically downloaded onto users’ libraries and it was polarizing to listeners – it was free music but iTunes users were only able to remove the album from their players with the help of Apple Support. Bono later apologized, saying the band got carried away with their idea.

The band is causing quite a stir again as they join the growing TikTok community to announce their new single Your Song Saved My Life. This serves as a teaser for the upcoming album of the animated movie Sing 2. It is also one of the first major moves the band has taken following their past international tour called Joshua Tree and Bono’s collaboration with Martin Garrix on We Are the People. The movie is slated for a December 22 release, so the album is expected to release around the same time.

Aside from launching their new song, U2 has also added their past ones to the growing list of soundbites you can use on TikTok videos. That means you will probably start hearing a lot more of their older hits on the app, which is great news for fans of the group.

Releasing Their New Single

Your Song Saved My Life is a bit of a step away from their past songs as it falls more into the pop genre as opposed to the rock/punk sound they are more known for. Songs like With Or Without You or Sunday Bloody Sunday notoriously relied on booming instrumentals. They’re known for using Stratocasters, which have been some of the most popular electric guitars in the music scene for years, especially among professional musicians. Because of their amazingly clear articulation, versatility, and smooth sound, they’re the top choice for recording guitar riffs. Larry Mullen Jr. has also crafted a distinct sound when it comes to the band’s percussion instruments. He often puts a lot of emotion into the beats of the music, making for an interesting and highly connective song. Their new single is quite different, relying mostly on Bono’s vocals and the Edge’s keyboard. Past fans may not have even recognized it as a U2 song if it weren’t for the singer’s distinct voice.

It showcases wonderful performances, from vocals to instrumentals. Bono does a good job of capturing the emotions of the song through his singing, and the heavy emphasis on the piano just adds to the overall uplifting atmosphere of the song. The drums and strings shine through most on the last chorus, resulting in a satisfying journey to the end of the song. Though it is by no means a downgrade from their usual sound, Your Song Saved My Life marks a clear departure from their past work.

For a band as old as U2, it’s thrilling to see how they are changing to adapt to the times, whether it be shifting genres or joining new social media platforms. It just serves as a new way they can expand their audience and connect better with younger viewers. The group joining TikTok and creating a song for an animated movie shows that they are open to trying new things in their long career.

TikTok, as a social media app, has also changed the music industry as artists and companies are choosing to promote their songs and content on the platform. After U2’s plunge into the app, you can expect to see more of them and their music on TikTok in the foreseeable future.

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