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| 12 June 2021 | Reply

Label: Independent

Release Date: April 23, 2021

Rating: 85%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

What can I say… sometimes a punk band comes out of the woodwork and hits me over the head with a folding chair.  Earlier this year, it was the latest EP form The Venomous Pinks that did exactly that.  Not my normal fair, but their sound was addictive and catchy enough that I hit up their team for a fun emailer and now EP review.  Disc opener “I Want You” comes straight at you with and slams you through the wall and into the next room.  The pounding drums, thunderous bass lines, and vocals twisted with guitars in the mix make this a fun opener that sets the bar for this 4-track / 9+ minute EP.  “Todos Unidos” has more of the same, but seems to be played with a more ferocious tempo and energy, including a more guttural vocal that gives this track an almost metal feel.  The drums and bass are working overtime and provide a perfect foundation for the track (hell the whole disc to tell the truth).  Be sure to check out the bass solo on the bridge.  “I Really Don’t Care” has a fun riff on top of the rhythm section in the mix that doesn’t really overshadow the bass and drum tandem, but helps push the vocals to the front of the mix and sound.  The bridge has a cool breakdown that gives the guitar the spotlight while the bass and drums also get their moment or two.  Disc closer “Hold On” kicks off bass heavy, but soon falls into a pop vein that swirls the different textures from the disc into something that comes off as part L7 and part The Runaways.  My favorite of the EP, this one is worth the price of admission and elevates the disc in general and should draw some others into the fold that wouldn’t normally reach for this one.

Tracklisting: I Want You – Todos Unidos – I Really Don’t Care – Hold On

Lineup: Drea Doll (guitar/vocals) – Gaby Kaos (bass/vocals) – Cassie Jalilie (drums)






Category: CD Reviews

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