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| 9 April 2021 | Reply

Label: The Sign

Release Date: April 9, 2021

Rating: 85%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Another band slipped through the crack and made it into my stream queue… this time the garage rock simplicity and goodness of Hot Breath.  Disc opener “Right Time” kicks things off with a catchy riff and some great bottom end from the bass and drums that draw you in.  The vocals are crisp and a great addition to the swirl of rock and roll kicking through my desktop speaker.  “Magnetic” keeps the party rolling with chugging riffs surrounded by cool guitar work and a great drum sound.  Jennifer Israelsson’s vocals seem to pop and come to life, even with the fuzzed sound that seems to skim the top of the chorus.  “What You’re Looking For, I’ve Already Found” drops it into gear with Jimmy Karlsson’s drumming and soon the rest of the band joins the fray, and we get another solid rock track that takes us all back to that 70’s garage rock / punk rock swirl.  “Adapted Mind” is another solid song that seems to swirl together the different components of 60’s or 70’s garage rock and inject a bit of punk and pop sensibility.  The guitar work from Karl Edfeldt and Jennifer twist nicely together on this track through the verses into the chorus and culminating with one of the discs best solos on the bridge.  “One Hit (To The Body)” opens with a different guitar sound, slightly twisted rhythm section sound, and a groove that seems left of center, but all seems to work within the confines of the other tracks on the disc.  The vocals even come off as a bit subdued.

“Last Barang” picks the tempo up a bit and gets the foot tapping along with it.  Anton Frick Kallmin’s bass lines that decorate the backdrop of this track through the verse and chorus give the track some punch underneath the guitars and vocals.  “Who’s The One” is the bands opus, as this track clocks in at over five minutes.  The bass runs on the intro and the percussion that fills the void with the guitars lay a perfect foundation for the song.  When Israelsson’s vocals drop in, the song takes on a different texture without sacrificing the rock vibe they have woven into every track on the disc.  “Turn Your Back” comes straight at you from the opening note and doesn’t let up until the song ends three minutes later.  The guitars and vocals dance all over the rhythm section without sacrificing the bottom ends sound or the cadence they hold down.  “What To Do” has a big sound that lends itself to a song that would go over well live.  The time change between verses and the solid anthemic feel of the chorus get this one creeping into your brain.  Be sure to check out the guitar work and the bass nuances peppered over the track.  Disc closer “Bad Feeling” gives us anything but.  The drum and bass opening are a perfect way to help draw this slightly more than 30 minutes to a close.  This is the closest to straight punk rock on the disc, but you cannot discount the solid garage rock vibe that permeates this track.  Don’t sleep on this one… I almost did and I am so glad it made it through.

Tracklisting: Right Time – Magnetic – Last Barang – What You’re Looking For, I’ve Already Found – Who’s The One – Adapted Mind – Turn Your Back – One Hit (To The Body) – What To Do – Bad Feeling

Lineup: Jennifer Israelsson (vocals / guitar) – Anton Frick Kallmin (bass) – Jimmy Karlsson (drums) – Karl Edfeldt (guitar)




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