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| 24 March 2021 | Reply

Label: Thirty Tigers

Release Date: March 19, 2021

Rating: 96%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

A year out from the beginning of major change, I am still embracing new music from artists that were nowhere near my radar… and really digging some of it, like the debut from Morgan Wade.  Disc opener “Wilder Days” unfolds with a great sound wrapped around her vocals and lyrics.  The song takes on a contagious vibe that weaves itself into the musical fabric of the track.  The chorus is catchy and begs you to sing along before you make it through a first pass.  The different sounds of the track keep this one from being pigeonholed in any one genre.  “Matches and Metaphors” has a different feel to it without deviating too far from the previous track.  This song has a cool pop sensibility laced in the track along with a country sound that adds depth to the track, especially when Wade’s vocals seem to explode sonically on the chorus.  “Don’t Cry” has a great sound from first note to last and grows on you with each listen.  The slight twang in Morgan’s voice hooks you and invites you into the lyrics.  The nuances in the track like added stringed instrumentation and the ethereal echo sound added to thicken the vocal at times are great contributions.  “Last Cigarette” is a great song that gets the foot tapping, the head rocking, and the mouth trying to sing along… even if it is only so “Ooooooooo” on the chorus.  The song has an amazing feel that lends itself to being a great song to play in front of a packed club or venue.  Title track “Reckless” takes on the country groove thanks to the vocals on the opening verse, but the bluesy-mild rock feel of most of the collection takes over on the chorus and helps pump the sound and feel up.  The thick vocal from Wade has a killer sound that punches through the mix and elevates the song, as does the solid solo on the bridge.  This disc gets better with each track and each listen.

“Other Side” is a great track that benefits from Morgan’s lush and gritty vocals that seem to take on a life of their own during the chorus, giving this track a bit of punch.  The country influence on this track helps lead the charge and helps marry the different sounds and textures of the various songs on the disc.  “Mend” is the first track to pump the brakes and take us on a leisurely stroll through Wade’s songwriting and allow us to dig into the track.  The emotional delivery adds depth to the track that is also bulked up by the solid guitar work and rhythm section.  This one gets better with each listen.  “Take Me Away” is equal parts country, blues, rock, and ballad.  The lyric is perfectly delivered by Morgan’s lush vocal.  This song is one of my favorites with each pass through the ten tracks because it speaks to me on different levels each time I listen through.  The layered vocal on the chorus is a great fill that keeps the song flowing and the guitar work on the bridge is some of the best on the disc.  “Northern Air” has a slightly different feel to it, but not vastly different.  There is something about the cadence and percussion that takes this one a bit off the beaten path compared to the remainder of the tracks.  The vocals pop and keep things light, even when a different guitar sound permeates the verse at times.  Disc closer “Met You” strips everything back and reveals the total twang Morgan has used this far as window dressing and accents on other tracks.  The songs simpler arrangement and her thick vocal lift this track up.  Forget genres and labels — this disc is proof that great music is great music regardless of the bucket different people may try to drop this disc in.  This gives me hope for music and the next wave of singer – songwriters.

Tracklisting: Wilder Days – Matches and Metaphors – Other Side – Don’t Cry – Mend – Last Cigarette – Take Me Away – Reckless – Northern Air – Met You






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