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| 10 March 2021 | Reply

Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Release Date: March 12, 2021

Rating: 92%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

British newcomer Chez Kane is releasing one of the best 80’s female vocal driven records launched in the years since the 80’s ended.  This disc is everything that was great about 80’s rock and metal and more!  Disc opener “Better Than Love” eases you into the rock and roll with a song that plays up to her vocals and has an almost cliché throwback sound thanks to the production, keyboards, and saxophone tossed in for good measure.  The song has the makings of a great rock track and draws you in looking for more.  “All Of It” delivers on the call for more rock in the roll and a more.  The vocals are amazing on this track and help fill out the sound.  The anthemic chorus is begging to be performed live with an arena of fists pumping to the beat as the words are chanted in unison by Kane and a crowd.  The guitars help keep the track flowing without stealing the songs thunder.  “Get It On” has a cool guitar sound chugging throughout that adds a bit of punch to the track.  Song after song, I am taken back to the big melodic songs and production from artists I fell in love with back in the day like Lee Aaron and Chrissy Steele.  There is something about Chez’ vocal that is gritty and huge without getting overworked or overshadowed in her delivery.  “Defender Of The Heart” is a token power ballad that benefits from Kane’s vocals and the swirl of keyboards in the mix.  While this one won’t set the rockers on fire, you cannot deny the catchy groove of the track and the way it offers a change of pace to keep the album fresh.  “Midnight Rendezvous” is a fun track that delivers a great fun cadence that is perfectly supported by the drumming and basslines, while the vocals and guitars run rampant all over it.  Chez rocks this track sonically, calling to mind some of the best female vocals from 80’s tracks, but demonstrates her own power when holding notes during transitions in the song.  This is the most acrobatic her voice has been on the disc and I love it.

“Rocket On The Radio” has a groove and sound that is reminiscent of everything that was great about the 80’s without sounding rehashed or overdone.  The vocals are huge, including the ad libs on the bridge.  The huge solos, wall of sound layered background vocals, and hard-hitting bottom end come together to create the perfect musical storm.  This one will be stuck in my head for a long time to come.  “Too Late For Love” features big vocals in the upper range, recalling Janet Gardner in my mind.  The riffs and solid anchor of a rhythm section keep the song from soaring out of control when the vocals take off, especially on the chorus.  The overall production on this track brings together all the highpoints of the disc and are a perfect representation of the album as a whole.  “Ball N’ Chain” is a great track that falls into line with the other songs on the disc, keeping the winning formula intact.  The vocals on this one stands out, especially during the transition between verse, chorus, and the other ad libs tossed in for good measure.  The layered vocals give the song depth on the chorus.  I dig the guitar work on the bridge on this one!  “Die In The Name Of Love” is another cool track that benefits from melodic production and layered vocals.  The lead and background complement each other during the transitions and on the chorus.  This is another track that stands out in my mind and will be on repeat as I listen through the disc.  The overall groove of this track is fun and keeps you engaged with each note.  Disc closer “Dead End Street” is anything but… this is my favorite track on the disc and should be an amazing track in a live scenario.  The visuals of the lyrics are brought to live in Chez’ vocal and the guitar work on this track, especially on the bridge, in phenomenal.  There is something that draws me back to this track time and time again.  Not sure what it is, but who cares as long as I can run through the track one more time!

Tracklisting: Better Than Love – All Of It – Rocket On The Radio – Get It On – Too Late For Love – Defender Of The Heart – Ball N’ Chain – Midnight Rendezvous – Die In The Name Of Love – Dead End Street





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