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LIVE: JERROD NIEMANN – March 5, 2021

| 7 March 2021 | Reply

Venue: Dallas Bull

City: Tampa, FL

Date: March 5, 2021

Review and Photographs by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur (

The venue for tonight’s show is mentioned in the opening lines of arguably the biggest hit from Jerrod Niemann and after witnessing his performance there last night, I understand why.  The energy of the place was undeniable form the moment Niemann hit the stage.  His smile couldn’t be hidden and seemed contagious, as evident by the smile and party vibe that quickly washed over the crowd.  Supported by a trio of musicians, Niemann delivered hit after hit, with a smattering of covers tossed in for good measure.  Set opener “I Got This” set the mood for the night, as it was apparent form first note to last that Jerrod indeed had control of the evening.  His good time show slowed down just a few songs in as he dusted off a ballad and dedicated it to all the women at the show.  Have no fear, he followed that up with one of his cool drinking songs, “One More Drinking Song.”  The banter back and forth with the crowd seemed to add to the show’s energy and feedback from the crowd; I couldn’t tell you how many times a few women up front kept telling me how much they loved him.  All the hits were there for the enjoyment of the crowd, but it was obvious watching Jerrod play, sing, and peruse the room as he performed that he enjoyed getting out and playing songs for all his friends that made it out to the show… and all his friends that packed the area near the stage helped with him out with vocals until the final song was played.  After having a pour or two myself while easing back and enjoying the show myself, I – like many of the fans in attendance – could definitely “Drink To That All Night” at Tampa’s Dallas Bull any time Niemann brings his bands, his hits, and his overall party vibe performance to town.






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