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MUSIC REVIEW: COVET – technicolor

Label: Triple Crown Records

Release Date: June 5, 2020

Rating: 85%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Prog rock at its essence isn’t something I jump into normally.  Additionally, I almost NEVER listen to instrumental music on a regular basis.  Covet has those two strikes against them at first glance, but after listening to the latest release from the trio, my eyes and ears have been opened and I find myself actually enjoy the ten track release.  This sophomore release varies from the debut in that it features two track with lyrics from Yvette Young.  Disc opener “good morning” is a pleasant track that showcases the guitar work of Young as well as the percussion contribution from drummer Forrest Rice.  “atreyu” picks up where the previous track left off, but features a heavier prog vibe from open to close, especially with the varied tempo and cadence changes from the rhythm section of drummer Rice and bassist David Adamiak.  “predawn” is a slow tempo track that allows the haunting melody from the guitar to lead the song from open to close while the percussion and bass provide the perfect foundation for the ethereal track.  “pirouette” is a very short track that has a cool sound tossed into the track.  The song has a scattered sound that takes over as it winds down, but it adds a little punch tot he song and disc.  “parrot” layers different soundscapes and moods to create a cool track that helps push this collection forward in my opinion.  The bass, drums, and guitars all work together to push the song forward and the end result is a great song that I will go back to from time to time between all my ‘normal’ metal stuff.

“parachute” allows us to hear vocals blended into the trios normally instrumental prog sound.  If I have learned anything from this song, its that we need more of Yvette Young’s vocals over top the bands songs.  The music is a beautiful landscape for the vocals to dance across, for the brief moments they appear on the track.  “nero” takes us on a musical journey that encompasses different textures and tones the band weaves into their musical catalog, allowing this song to tie the different sounds together.  “ares” is another track that struck a nerve with me, as the fusion mix-up in the songs structure makes it an interesting listen.  The guitars are solid, the drums and percussion are spot on, but the bass lines that permeate the song throughout add depth and give this one a different vibe compared to a lot of the tracks here.  “odessa” unfolds slowly and presents a different feel to open the track, but soon morphs into another solid effort from the band.  Without running out of control, or even away from itself, the energy seems to pickup after the intro and we get glimpses of drumming and fret board work that stand up without standing out.  The droning bass lines keep the song in check and help complete the songs sound.  Disc closer “farewell” is the second track to feature vocals blended into the songs sound.  The prog music supports the vocal when needed and moves to the foreground to provide direction at the various bridges in the song.  Again, the Young’s vocals are a nice touch and beautiful addition to the song.  While prog instrumentals are still not my ‘thing,’ there are a few tracks here that will become part of my workday listening rotation.

Tracklisting: good morning – atreyu – parachute – predawn – nero – pirouette – ares – parrot – odessa – farewell

Lineup: Yvette Young (guitar/vocals) – David Adamiak (bass) – Forrest Rice (drums)






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