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| 25 February 2020 | Reply

Label: Epic

Release Date: February 21, 2020

Rating: 94%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

The latest release from Ozzy Osbourne, his first in 10 years, dropped with cool promotions and a ton of buzz, but sadly also with the news that his latest round of tour dates would need to be postponed due to his need for medical treatment.  This news did not dampen my hunger to hear the new material in its entirety – a couple singes were pushed out prior to the discs release date.  Disc opener “Straight To Hell” is a continuation sonically of his last couple releases.  The vocals are killer, the lyrics fun, and the musical accompaniment is great on this track, setting the bar high for the rest of the material.  The guitar solo comes compliments of Ozzy’s friend Slash, while the keyboards are from Charlie Puth.  “All My Life” is a cool track that slows the tempo and mellows the vibe throughout the verses, but it allows you to focus on the introspective lyrics.  The song harkens back to some of Osbourne’s solo material from the early 90’s.  One of the most unlikely pairings hits us head on for “Ordinary Man.”  Sure some guitar riffs from Slash never sucks, but for piano and the co-lead vocals to be supplied by Sir Elton John, I was totally intrigued when I first heard about it.  With all the cool tracks on this disc, it is still the one I go back to the most.  Not only does Elton make a great addition to this song, but this one really gives us a glimpse of Ozzy’s voice… and its a great listen from here.  “Eat Me” is the best song title on the disc.  The harmonica from Ozzy himself to open the track is a nice touch.  The next sound you hear is a killer bass line from Duff McKagan that rears its head throughout the track.  This song has a cool vibe that is very different from a lot of Ozzy’s previous catalog.  The vocals are solid and the additional ad libs tossed in the mix are fun.  “Scary Little Green Men” is an interesting song sonically – its seems as different as it seems familiar.  Some of the guitar work seems as if it comes from the earliest Ozzy tracks, but maybe that is guest Tom Morello’s nod to the metal legends longevity and catalog, as well as Chad Smith’s killer drumming.  A track released previously featuring Ozzy is tossed onto the end of the deluxe release, and it is a welcome addition in my opinion.  When I first was introduced to the Post Malone track, I was surprised and amazed to find Ozzy was on the track, as well as Travis Scott.  This is how music should be – all inclusive, good, and fun.

“Goodbye” has a different vibe woven into it.  The vocals lead the charge while the guitars and keyboards swirl in the mix and the rhythm section anchors the track, especially at the bridge.  The shift in tempo in the middle of said bridge give this song a kick in the ass and helps elevate it.  “Under The Graveyard” was the first track I heard from the disc, and it grabbed me from that listen.  The storyteller vibe of the track is enhanced by the video, but be sure to really dig into the lyrics.  The guitars on this one are cool and the rhythm section is a cool groove that provides a killer foundation.  Andrew Watt gives us a different solo at the bridge than we are accustomed to on Ozzy releases.  “Today Is The End” is a lot like a couple other off tracks on the disc, as it slows the tempo of the disc a bit and could easily have been lifted from the 90’s releases.  The drums are cool and seem a bit heavy handed than some of the other songs here.  The chorus is full and a bit contagious.  “Holy For Tonight” unfolds slowly and never seems to ramp up sonically.  This track has a Lennon-esque vibe tossed into the track, in my opinion.  I cannot quite put my finger on it.  I am not sure if it is the subdued guitars and addition of keyboards, the somber British accent in the vocal, of the thick layered background vocals, but it works in the aggregate.  Regular disc closer “It’s A Raid” is one of the most diverse tracks I have ever heard from Ozzy… and I love it.  The punk vibe of the song – supported perfectly by McKagan and Smith – is amazing and fits the disc perfectly.  Ozzy’s vocal is fun, especially the snippets that seem to be ripped from his live performance.  Post Malone contributes vocals on the track and it is an interesting combination of the genres.  I cannot get enough of this track, from the killer groove to the vocals to the big Fuck You at the end of the track.  While Ozzy may be pondering whether he is an ordinary man, make no mistake, he is no ordinary artist and has demonstrated that once again on this disc.

Tracklisting: Straight To Hell – All My Life – Goodbye – Ordinary Man – Under The Graveyard – Eat Me – Today Is The End – Scary Little Green Men – Holy For Tonight – It’s A Raid – Take What You Want (bonus track)

Lineup: Ozzy Osbourne (vocals) – Andrew Watt (guitars) – Duff McKagan (bass) – Chad Smith






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