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| 21 February 2019 | Reply

Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Release Date: November 9, 2018

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Stephen Pearcy has always marched to his own drum, whether as frontman of RATT or as a solo artist.  He bucked trends and veered from a sound he was aligned with when he recorded earlier solo efforts, but has come to embrace not only a straight ahead rock sound, but songs full of riffs, just like all the hits in his band and solo catalog.  The latest from Pearcy is no different and the disc kicks off with rocker “U Only Live Twice.”  This song has the familiar vocals his fans have come to know and love as well as some killer guitar work from his longtime guitarist Erik Ferentinos.  “Sky Falling” is a solid track that chugs along underneath the layered vocals from Pearcy.  This song should get the head banging from first listen thanks to the tempo from the rhythm section.  “One In A Million” is a song that digs deep into Pearcy’s old sound and vibe – this track could have been ripped from Ratt’s earliest EP but doesn’t sound dated, thanks to the guitars and layered vocals.  “Secrets To Tell” is a song that doesn’t deviate from the path cut by the rest of the tracks, but doesn’t seems to fit the mood of the disc.  The guitars are good and the vocals mesh well with them on this one.  “Dangerous Thing” is another song that demonstrates how integral Stephen was in the writing of RATT material – this song would have fit perfectly on the band’s Detonator release.  The heavy bottom end is classic in sound and spirit while the guitars and vocals swirl in the mix.  Disc closer “Violator” has a classic 80’s rock sound with a heavy bottom ended modern twist.  Pearcy and crew knock it out of the park as the disc winds down.  This is the hat-trick of tracks that seems ripped from Pearcy’s song book of the 80’s, but it shows once and for all how well he crafts songs that can stand the test of time.

“Malibu” is a great track that features some cool drumming from Scot Coogan and one of my favorite vocals on the disc.  The chorus is simple but contagious and helps keep everything connected from the opening notes through the bridge and to the outro.  “Double Shot” reminds me of Stephen’s early solo stuff – rooted in rock but with a punk attitude.  The cadence of the track stands out and the chorus seems to take on a life of its own without running away from the song’s vibe.  Be sure to check out the guitar work on the bridge – some of Erik’s best on this disc.  “Not Killin’ Me” is one of the songs that has stood out to me from first listen until now.  The subdued groove and straight ahead rock vibe buried in the mix give this song attitude and punch without being overpowering.  Erik kills it on the bridge and the heavy handed bass of Matt Thorne dots the musical landscape of this track.  Even Pearcy’s vocals seem different and stand out.  “I’m A Ratt” kicks the door down and comes straight at you from the first note and doesn’t let up through the various solos, riffs, the thunderous drums and spot on vocals.  This song is built for the stage and would kill as a setlist’s opener or closer (although his fans probably prefer some classic from his catalog).  “From The Inside” creates the second half of a great one-two punch when coupled with “I’m A Ratt” in the discs sequence.  The guitar riffs are different than most of the tracks, but add depth to the discs sound and the tracks groove.  This one sticks with you thanks to Peacy’s vocals, but the solos underneath the mix kick this one over the top.

Tracklisting: U Only Live Twice – Sky Falling – Malibu – One In A Million – Double Shot – Secrets To Tell – Not Killin’ Me – Dangerous Thing – I’m A Ratt – From The Inside – Violator

Band Members: Stephen Pearcy (Lead Vocals / BGV) – Erik Ferentinos (ALL guitars / BGV / Keys ) – Matt Thorne (Bass Guitars / Keys / BGV) – Scot Coogan (Drums)





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