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| 4 January 2020 | Reply

Label: Mascot Records

Release Date: November 8, 2019

Rating: 90%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Otherwise have launched another disc of rock and roll into the musical atmosphere and this disc is another leap forward for this quartet. Disc opener “Bad Trip” unfolds and had a slightly different feel and vibe than I expected from the disc, but I love the new sound and direction of this disc.  Sonically, this is all Otherwise and sets the bar for the rest of the material.  Adrian Patrick’s vocals are strong and standout in the mix, while the production adds punch to the song.  “Money” hits the jackpot in my opinion.  I love the production and the symphonic metal sound woven into the songs DNA takes this track and the disc to a new level.  The guitars from Ryan Patrick seem to soar and roar at just the right moment from start to finish.  “Lifted” opens with a cool rap rock vibe that fits the band and the disc perfectly.  The vibe of the tracks comes to life when the drums and percussion from Brian Medeiros joins the musical fray.  Be sure to check out the extreme vocal tossed into the bridge.  “Ain’t Done Yet” is a fun track that gets the foot tapping and the body rocking… even in the office.  This song is my personal favorite on this disc and should go over perfectly in a live situation.  The song has an arena or anthemic groove to it that will gets hands in the air quickly.  “Don’t Even” is a cool track that benefits from a heavier mix and production than a lot of the other tracks on the disc.  Tony Carboney’s bass lines punctuate the powerful lyrics and give the song a booming bottom end.  This is another track that has grown on me through each listen to the disc.  Disc closer “Good Fight” takes us out with a heavier track that showcases the vocals and drums without overshadowing the guitars and bass in the mix.  The chorus is contagious and should make this a great addition to the bands setlist when out on tour.

“Crossfire” is another track that benefits from a hard rock – modern rock – symphonic hybrid sound with the familiar vocal of Adrian thrown into the mix.  The song is anchored perfectly by the rhythm section tandem of Carboney and Medeiros.  I cannot wait to toss this track into my musical routine – the cadence is perfect for a great workout.  “Picking At Bones” climbs in my personal ranking every time I hear it.  The cadence is killer and the blend of the Patrick brothers guitars and vocals seems to be a perfect mixture.  The lyrics are poignant and show once again how important the words are to the bands music.  “Goliath” starts off and I swore my player jumped to another artist as the sound of the musical accompaniment seemed like a left turn, but the vocal is instantly recognizable and once the band kicks in full throttle at the chorus, this song shifts gears.  Ryan has some of his been riffs and leads on the disc wrapped into this track.  “Fame And Miss Fortune” helps tie the new material to the sound and vibe of the bands catalog, with a more straight ahead rock sound.  The vocals are tight and the guitars elevate as needed throughout the track adding depth to the song.  “Unbreakable” gives us glimpses of Adrian’s various vocal approaches while delivering lyrics that seem very storyteller-like of the bands fight for survival over the last 15+ years.  This disc is the next step in the bands trajectory and the sound and vibe of the disc is undeniably Otherwise.. and damn good.

Tracklisting: Bad Trip – Money – Crossfire – Lifted – Picking At Bones – Ain’t Done Yet – Goliath – Don’t Even – Fame And Miss Fortune – Unbreakable – Good Fight

Band Line-up: Adrian Patrick (lead vocals) – Ryan Patrick (guitar, vocals) – Tony Carboney (bass, vocals) – Brian Medeiros (drums)






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