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| 1 October 2019 | Reply

Label: Napalm Records

Release Date: September 20, 2019

Rating: 89%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Kobra And The Lotus have launched a new disc full of rockers on the world, and this is the best release from the band to date.  The disc kicks off with the instrumental “Evodem” that eases us into title track “Evolution.”  This track comes at you hard and fast from the first note and doesn’t let up until the end.  This song gives us glimpses of the various facets of Kobra Paige’s vocals and the way the musical component comes together as a foundation under her vocals.  Be sure to check out the guitars and rhythm section at the bridge and breakdowns.  “Burn!” opens up with chugging riffs and some heavy-handed bottom end from bassist Brad Kennedy and drummer Marcus Lee.  The guitars are solid through the verse and swirl nicely with Kobra’s vocals in the mix.  The chorus has a cool vibe woven into it that adds punch to the track.  “Wounds” is another solid track on this disc that gives us a great bottom end from drummer Marcus Lee and bassist Brad Kennedy that supports the twin guitar attack and vocals.  “Circus” slows the pace without lowering the intensity.  The vocals carry the track through the verses and chorus while the guitars lay in wait to pounce at the bridge with some of the best fretwork on the disc popping up on this solo.  “Liar” is solid rock and roll from the first note to the last.  The blend of guitars and vocals is great and the rhythm section is tossed into the bottom end of the mix.  The tempo is perfect, the vocals soar, and the guitars weave in and out of the song, creating a perfect musical storm.

“We Come Undone” is a solid track that has a sense of urgency stamped into it’s musical accompaniment, but the song benefits from the swirl of guitars and vocals in the mix above the solid foundation from the rhythm section.  “Thundersmith” has an anthemic feel to it, thanks to the cadence provided by the rhythm section, but the vocals add depth while the guitar work from Jasio Kulakowski and Ronny Gutierrez add punch throughout the track, especially at the bridge.  “Wash Away” is a beautiful track that benefits from Kobra’s emotional delivery and the musical accompaniment from the guitars, bass, and drums.  The ebb and flow of intensity from the instrumentation adds texture to the song while the orchestral snippets in the mix at various points add to the tracks sound.  “Get The Fuck Out Of Here” takes a slight turn from the path cut by the rest of the disc, with an accelerated tempo that blends with a contagious chorus that gives the song a lighter feel, regardless of the lyrics.  The guitars on this track are a fun listen and give us another glimpse at the band sonically.  Disc closer “In The End” is a cool track that ties together most of the sounds on the disc and gives us an overall glimpse of what we have spent the last 40 minutes listening to.  The bass and drums come together to anchor the track while the guitars work in tandem to help the song soar and the hearty vocals fill out the songs sound.  The disc is very self-fulfilling and prophetic… these 10 tracks clearly show an evolution of the band as a unit.

Tracklisting: Evodem – Evolution – Burn! – We Come Undone – Wounds – Thundersmith – Circus – Wash Away – Liar – Get The Fuck Out Of Here – In The End

Lineup: Kobra Paige (vocals) – Jasio Kulakowski (guitar, background vocals) – Ronny Gutierrez (guitar) – Brad Kennedy (bass) – Marcus Lee (drums)






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