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| 10 September 2019 | Reply

Label: Mascot Records

Release Date: August 23, 2019

Rating: 91%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Crobot is a band that always hits my radar and I am never disappointed.  The latest offering from the band takes a slight turn sonically from their last release, but it is still Crobot and it is damn good!  Disc opener “Burn” kicks things off in killer style and gets the rock quotient high from the first note until the last.  The slowed tempo through the verse adds punch to the track and the chorus keeps the song chugging along.  “Keep Me Down” speeds things up and swirls in the Crobot sound fans have come to know and love with the heavier vibe and direction of this release.  Brandon Yeagley’s vocals are perfect for the track, while the guitar weaves some cool riffs into the songs fabric.  Lead single “Low Life” is one of my favorite tracks on the disc – the chorus has a killer groove woven through it and the song was built for the stage.  This one should get heads banging and horns in the air.  The heavier vibe of the track bodes well for the band and this disc.  “Stoning The Devil” is another heavier song that seems to chug along with no where to be and plenty of time to get there.  Yeagley’s vocals really accentuate the different vibe of this track, just as it has done for the entire disc.  The song  has a cool groove that permeates the song from the intro, through the verses and chorus, the bridge and to the final note.  “Destroyer” is a cool combination of several different tones and sounds from other tracks, including the heavy handed rhythm section, the searing leads, and the charged vocals.  Disc closer “The Hive” is a cool track that opens with a different sound than most of the disc, but it stays on the same musical path overall.  The songs strength comes from the swirl of guitars and vocals in the mix.  The sound is different from most of the Crobot catalog, but these guys nailed this disc, especially Bishop’s guitar between the verses and chorus and vice versa.

“Drown” unfolds with some cool guitar work and within seconds the entire bands kicks in hard with a solid bottom end from drummer Dan Ryan.  The riff moves things along and soon Yeagley’s vocals join the fray and we are off and running.  This song is one of those tracks that ties the different tones and grooves of the entire record together.  “Alfa Dog” kicks off with a heavy handed sound and some cool guitar work from Chris Bishop.  The riffs twisted into the mix offset the different vocal sound helping tie the sound of the track together with the rest of the disc.  This song is a great representation of not only where the band has been sonically, but where they are headed.  “Gasoline” has the coolest intro on the disc and is enhanced when Brandon’s vocals kick in.  The tempo and cadence from the drums keep the song anchored, even as the vocals and guitar licks soar and try to take off running.  The transition from verse to chorus and back again are perfect.  “Black Out” is more of the same solid rhythm section lead by Dan, guitar leads and riffs from Chris, and vocals from Brandon that give the song and disc punch and depth.  The songs vibe is enhanced by the chorus that chugs along slowly, but with power.  “After Life” couples with the previous track to supply a killer one-two punch near the end of the disc.  The thunderous bass lines, heavy drum fills, and chugging riffs are the perfect landscape for the vocals to run rampant across.  The chorus is contagious and has a cool modern rock sensibility that gives it a different sound and feel.  This may be a newer sound and vibe from the band, but the growth and progress from Crobot is cool and I cannot wait to hear these songs alongside their catalog when they tour behind the release.

Tracklisting: Burn – Keep Me Down – Drown – Low Life – Alfa Dog – Stoning The Devil – Gasoline – Destroyer – Black Out – After Life – The Hive

Crobot Lineup: Brandon Yeagley (vocals, harmonica) – Chris Bishop (guitar) – Dan Ryan (drums) – James Lascu / Eddie Collins (touring bass)






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