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| 15 August 2019 | Reply

Label: Golden Robot Records

Release Date: July 5, 2019

Rating: 86%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Every once in a while I get a press release and music link from across the world, including the recent blast about an up-n-coming band Jailbirds and their recent release The Great Escape on Golden Robot Records.  This disc is full of rockers… just wish they would have thrown a couple more on this disc, as it seems too short – clocking in at eight songs.  Disc opener and title track “The Great Escape” kicks things off and we are treated to a cool blend of rock and roll twisted together with some punk  and even a little pop sensibility tossed in for good measure.  The guitars are fast and furious while the vocals run to keep up and the bottom end hammers away.  “Loose Cannon” is next and starts off a bit slower, but that doesn’t last long and soon we are off and running again to another track full of guitar licks and a heavy-handed bottom end.  The song has a killer riff that chugs through the transitions from verse to chorus to bridge and back again.  “Shadow Of Love” is a smoky blues-riff infused rocker that takes me back to several tracks from Great White… the song even has a familiar sound that recalls Jack Russell.  The song slows the pace down a bit compared the more punk-driven tracks, but this song showcases another side of the band – and they play this material well.  “Underdog” keeps the tempo, sound, and vibe of “Shadow Of Love” alive with a smoldering blues rocker that has some killer guitar work and vocals that are perfect for the slower cadence.  The song grows on you listen after listen and gets me rocking in my office time and time again.  Be sure to check out the solo on the bridge.

The discs lead track “Nothing Good Lasts Forever” unfolds much like the AC/DC track “Thunderstruck” and the tempo and momentum of the song, as well as the intermittent guitar licks, keep that groove intact, regardless of where the guitars and vocals lead us during the verse and bridge.  The song has a contagious chorus that gets you singing along and a cool vibe that gets the foot tapping and head banging.  “Thrill Of The Chase” is another track that takes me back to the late 80’s and the rock that I embraced at that time.  The layered vocals have a contagious groove woven into them and the guitars are straight out of 1987 – 1988.  The song gives the disc an anthem that should go over perfectly in a live situation, as this song screams to be played in an arena or large venue full of lighters and fists in the air.  “Fight Or Flight” has a cool vibe and sound that captures the spirit of the band while keeping the tempo and energy in check.  The guitar work floats along in the background – not out of range but not overtaking the mix either.  The layered lead and background vocals adds depth to the track.  Disc closer “The Pilot” is a left turn for me, as it seems to work to tie together the different sounds and textures of the disc, but gets lost in itself through the transitions and the bridge seems slightly out of place compared to the rest of the track.  The vocals take on the punk vibe without the urgent vibe of other tracks.  The real shame on this disc is that they limited the release to eight tracks – I would have loved to see what they could have done with a couple more rockers, especially if they weighed in on the bluesier side.

Tracklisting: The Great Escape – Loose Cannon – Nothing Good Lasts Forever – Shadow Of Love – Thrill Of The Chase – Underdog – Fight Or Flight – The Pilot

Jailbirds Lineup: Axel McDonald, Ed Orr, Jamie Trimble, Jay McDonald




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