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LIVE: Full Scale, Perth – 23 Nov, 2018

| 29 November 2018 | Reply

LIVE: Full Scale, Perth – 23 Nov, 2018
Badlands Bar, Perth, Western Australia
Reviewed by Melanie Scrafton
Photos by Metz Taylor & Melanie Scrafton

Australian band Full Scale has had several incarnations over the last nearly 20 years. Ezekiel Ox (vocals) and Jimmy Tee (Guitar) being reunited in 2014 again after their Full Scale original collaboration 15 years ago, are joined by Chris Webber on Drums and Leigh Miller on Bass. This gig has been advertised as the last show ever – it’s not, that has been a running joke for years.

Playing Badlands of Friday 23rd October with supports from Variation of a Theory, Skygazer and Xtortya, first thoughts are that BADLANDS – you do alright, aye! Seriously nice drink menu, friendly and capable staff, facilities are always clean and maintained, great capacity ratio for live music, lights & sound are usually on point.

This show was no exception, sorry to Variation of a Theory, I was late to arrive and I just missed your set. 3 piece Perth prog rock band Skygazer shared their ambient rock experience that peaks in all the right places during their set – their band resident sound guy Tom, always has the lads sounding their best. They have recently released their 2nd album ‘Liminal Space’ and not letting the grass grow under their feet they are scheduled to release another new single in March 2019.

Perth 5 piece Xtortya have been busy boys this year spreading their quality nu-metalisque fusion tunes with the world. We got a preview of a couple of tracks the boys are working on for their next full length album due for release early 2019, after which they have extensive tour plans again for next year, throughout China & Europe including the Northern hemisphere summer festival season. I really dig these guys, they have great energy and musical variety within their set. Excellent vocals & musicianship complimented with the fact they enjoy a good laugh with the crowd. Check them when you can.

Full Scale hit the stage like a well-oiled machine and seeing as their rehearsal time must be limited it’s a true reflection of their combined talent. Numbers inside the venue weren’t massive, it didn’t matter it made it a more intimate affair. Zeke spent more time on stage than I’ve seen in years, but the showman was not contained to the stage for the whole show, shirt off and out into the crowd without missing a beat vocally is signature Mr. Ox. Its fair to say that the crowd was very familiar with band tracks and that was reflected in their interaction. Overall a uniquely fun event, we were promised that new material is in the mix and more shows to come. Full Scale will outlive us all.

Set List-
System of Shame
Empty Texas
Where’s your Energy?
Egg Shells
Jurassic Graveyard
Ink by the Barrel
The Heimlich Manoeuver
Here comes the Weekend
Feel it
Party Political

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