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LIVE: MICHIGAN BURLESQUE FESTIVAL 2018 – September 21 & 22, 2018

| 6 October 2018 | Reply

Venue: Tangent Gallery & Hastings Street Ballroom

City: Detroit, MI

Date: September 21 && 22, 2018

Review and Photographs by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur (

There are things you appreciate in life that some understand and approve, others don’t understand and are appalled, and then there is that other group that dig great music, beauty, talent, athleticism, and artistry… and they totally get the world of burlesque.  I have been drawn into the world through a few shows at a local venue and then slowly getting to know the various performers in town that spend their free time combing vintage shops for costume pieces, gluing and bedazzling various garments with crystals and glitter, and sweating their asses off learning routines from classic to modern, from retro to nerdlesque, and everything in between.  I witnessed two nights… over 7 hours… more than 50 performers… all coming together to perform for those willing to brave the night and hit up Detroit’s Tangent Gallery & Hastings Street Ballroom and attend the 2018 rendition of the Michigan Burlesque Festival.  Hosted once again by Mabel Syrup and Valencia Starling, this event brings people from all walks of life, all genders and sexual orientation, all economic and social groups, and overall party goers looking for fun and entertainment… and again, beauty, talent, athleticism, and artistry.  The first night featured local favorites and others from across the state and the country and culminated in two feature performers – International burlesque star Dirty Martini (NY) and the local strawberry vixen Miss Holly Hock.  The second night brought another group of killer performers and some performances that had everybody talking and ended with three features including headliner Dirty Martini and the flamboyant Hank E. Panky as well as a tribute to Burlesque Legend Miss Toni Elling.  Hanging and chatting with the performers was as fun and exciting as watching them… listening to them share stories of different costumes, routines, and just hanging with others who love the art form as much as they do.  Words cannot express the excitement of the evening, so I will let the photos do the talking…

Performers: Ada Vice (Michigan) – ALLurrr’em VelvIT (Minnesota) – Autumn Flaunt ‘Em (Colorado) – Ava Adore (Ohio) – Céleste Vé Dette (Michigan) – Chaz Boudoir (Colorado) – Clara Blows (Massachusetts) – Dish Delish (Michigan) – Dotty Dart and Loretta La Rioux (Michigan) – Eileen Galvin (Ohio) – Ellie Camino (Michigan) – Ember Blaize (Louisiana) – Florence of A’Labia (Illinois) – G. Gordon Libido (Illinois) – Hannah the Hatchet & Erin the Axe (New York) – HBK (Michigan) – Hermione Stranger (Michigan) – Itty Bitty Twitty (Ohio) – Jean Wildest (Illinois) – Kevlar B Lightning (Illinois) – Kitten Von Mitten (Michigan) – Kitty and Eris (Ohio) – Lady Sirène (Michigan) – LaFemme D’Fury (Michigan) – Leena Mynx Allure (Michigan) – Lilith Von Tal (Michigan) – Lottie a la West (Illinois) – Lottie Larouge (New Mexico) – Lulu Munroe (Massachusetts) – Margot Lugosi (Indiana) – Miss Claira Bell (Illinois) – Mona Minx (Michigan) – Monet Ma Cabaret (Illinois) – Ms. Coco Blu (New Mexico) – Phaedra Black (Illinois) – Poppy Poison (Ohio) – Robyn Swing (Minnesota) – Ruby La Louche (Michigan) – Scarlette Two-Face (Michigan) – Tommy Gun (Michigan) – Veda DeVille (Indiana) – Veronica Lockhart (Michigan) – Viola Volta (Toronto) – Wednesday Wilhelm (Michigan)


Complete set of MICHIGAN BURLESQUE FESTIVAL 2018 show photos SEPT 21 and SEPT 22





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