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LIVE: SCREAMING JETS with Boom Crash Opera – Perth, 8 Sep, 2018

| 18 September 2018 | Reply

LIVE: SCREAMING JETS with Boom Crash Opera – Perth, 8 Sep, 2018
Charles Hotel, Perth, Western Australia
Reviewed by Karl Infirri

This past Saturday Night I had the distinct privilege to head on down to the Charles Hotel in North Perth to check out an absolute classic double header – that being Aussie pop rock legends Boom Crash Opera and the incomparable Screaming Jets.

The proceedings started off with the ever-so-funky Boom Crash Opera, and what a great way to warm everybody up. Two years ago Andrew De Silva became the new vocalist for BCO – and did a superb job fronting the band. They’re plain and simply good fun, and had all the ladies in attendance shaking their hips and loosening up for the night ahead. How could they not? When they played songs like Great Wall, Hands Up In The Air and Dancing In The Storm the crowd popped each time. Onion Skin was the track everybody anticipated the most and Boom Crash Opera did not disappoint in their delivery. They may have formed in 1985 and will soon be entering their 34th year but they certainly have a lot left in the tank as a live act for years to come. You can’t not enjoy these pop rock legends.

The Screaming Jets hit the stage next to much anticipation. Recently the Jets put out a brand spanking new album called Gotcha Covered which is an album of covers ranging from Aussie Rock from the 1960s to the 1990s. They got off to a cracking start with their rendition of The Easybeats song Wedding Ring before heading back to 1991/92 onto some old school Jets vibes with C’mon, Needle and Tunnel. It’s just so crazy how good these blokes are, how tight they are as a unit and how much raw energy is exuding from the stage. Vocalist Dave Gleeson is also part vocalist-part comedian with his rude quips between songs cracking me up at every turn.

What I like about the Jets is they don’t ignore any era of their discography, placing as much importance on their newer material as they do on their older material. And the new material matches up just fine as they played The Grip and Automatic Cowboy from their 2016 album, Chrome. Shine Over Me followed and by this point they well and truly had the crowd in the palm of their hands.

The rude quips kept coming as the ever so mad Dave Gleeson started handing lollypops out to female audience members before playing one of the most popular tunes of the night, a cover of The Radiators Gimme Head.

My personal highlight of the evening came next with their smash hit Sad Song. October Grey and a cover of Paul Kelly’s Darling It Hurts kept the room pumping, and Helping Hand was yet another classic tune in the proceedings.

They then went back to some newer material from their 2016 effort, banging out Scar, Razor and Smack In The Face with the continued gusto they started the set with. Next was an enjoyable cover of Goanna’s The Razors Edge before they ended the set with – you guessed it – Better. The crowd were unglued.

The expected encore soon followed with Shivers, which made the ladies in attendance fairly happy. Then a very cool cover of Folsom Prison Blues from favourite Johnny Cash. FRC finished off the set with thunderous power to a huge ovation from the fans at The Charles.

There is a reason why The Jets sell out wherever they go in Oz, and after nearly 30 years of releasing ace material and touring the country they do not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. They’re tight as a tiger and have a raw power to them that’s hard to match.

Wedding Ring – (The Easybeats cover)
The Grip
Automatic Cowboy
Shine Over Me
Gimme Head – (The Radiators cover)
Sad Song
October Grey
Darling It Hurts (Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls cover)
Helping Hand
Smack In The Face
The Razors Edge (Goanna cover)

Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash cover)

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