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| 17 July 2018 | Reply

Label: Indigo Music under exclusive license to BMG Rights Management GmbH

Release Date: April 20, 2018

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

As a huge fan of Within Temptation, I was floored to hear about this release from Sharon den Adel and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.  From the first time I put this into my CD player until now, I have enjoyed each and every spin of this disc.  Title track and project namesake “My Indigo” kicks things off and while different from what sonically from what den Adel does as part of her day job, the song structure and vibe is very similar.  This track sets the bar for the rest of the disc and I was not disappointed.  “Crash And Burn” has some different textures and sounds woven into the material, but it stands up against every other song on the collection and really showcases Sharon’s vocals and range as well as her adaptability to a pop-rock sound.  “Indian Summer” has a light sound that takes this disc in a slightly different direction, but don’t be confused – this is all Sharon and you cannot mistake the vocals or the energy behind them.  The chorus is catchy and gets you singing along on the second pass through.  “Star Crossed Lovers” has cool vocals and equally as cool musical accompaniment that hinges on club music, with a heavy bottom end that sets the pace for the track and keeps the song flowing through the verse and into an electronically charged chorus that blends the pop synth sound with an electronic bottom end.  “Safe and Sound” is another track that seems to take on a life of its own, cutting a slightly different vibe and feel than most of the other tracks while keeping the spirit and groove of the disc in its sound and tempo.  The song turns the corner and comes right at you at the chorus.  This song took the longest to wear on me, but has the longevity to keep me coming back time and time again.

“Black Velvet Sun” has a different feel and vibe than most of the other tracks… almost tribal.  The vocals are very cool and keep the song flowing, especially at the chorus when Sharon kicks a little extra into the vocal and delivery.  The instrumentation at the bridge is a perfect interlude into the vocal that kicks in as the song winds down.  “Out Of The Darkness” is one of the more contagious songs on the disc.  This songs lyrics are deep and the musical arrangement that envelopes the vocals is full and the perfect accompaniment for the track.  Once the chorus arrives and den Adel pours her heart out through her voice, this song climbs to new heights without becoming overpowering.  “Somewhere Like You” is a bit slower and more melodic track that unfolds slowly and soon has a cool vibe that gives the song wings to take flight, just as Sharon’s vocals do at the chorus.  The instrumentation that kicks in at the second verse gives the song punch and the depth.  “Lesson Learned” is a fun song that has a cool intro sound that gives the disc another sound and facet to appreciate.  The vocals are delivered with emotion and precision allowing Sharon to let her voice spread its proverbial wings as the chorus grows and expands from note to note and seems to take over once the music kicks in.  Disc closer “Where Is My Love” takes us out on a different feel than most of the other tracks, but it does give us a different sound and emotional vibe to take away.  The chorus is catchy and the vocals that are layered all over the mix demonstrate the slick production that drives this disc.  The best part of this collection is how Sharon has done her own thing without losing touch with the sound and vibe that is Within Temptation.  As I listen to each song over and over, I can imagine powerful symphonic rock orchestration supporting each of these tracks – and that makes this even better than it was to begin with.

Tracklisting: My Indigo – Crash And Burn – Black Velvet Sun – Indian Summer – Out Of The Darkness – Star Crossed Lovers – Somewhere Like You – Safe and Sound – Lesson Learned – Where Is My Love






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