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MUSIC REVIEW: W.E.T. – Earthrage

Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Release Date: March 23, 2018

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

The guys in W.E.T. have knocked another one out of the park wit their third and latest studio release Earthrage.  This 11-track collection is full of melodic rock gems and more.  Opening track “Watch The Fire” sets the bar – HIGH!  The chugging riffs and thunderous bottom end kick things off and then killer vocals from Jeff Scott Soto and Erik Martensson take this track to the next level.  The energy of this track is infectious and permeates every track here.  “Burn” has a keyboard driven sound that leads the charge and helps take this track through the melodic ringer.  The guitar licks at the bridge elevate the song and get the foot tapping.  “Elegantly Wasted” is a different groove and vibe from most of the the other songs these guys have pulled together over the years… until the chorus comes crashing in.  The melodic vibe of  the vocals and guitars swirl perfectly in the mix.  “Dangerous” keeps the vibe in check and the disc on track.  The song blends the guitars and keyboards with a very synced bottom end.  Swirl in the vocals and you have the makings of a solid melodic rock track that comes together at the chorus.  “Heart Is On The Line” unfolds with a beautiful keyboard interlude and the unmistakable vocals from JSS.  The guitars join the mix and elevate the power and emotion of the track without getting overwhelming.  The drums punctuate the delivery making this a complete track that is powerful without being overpowering.  Disc closer “The Neverending Retraceable Dream” has a cool vibe wrapped around it that feels like the final track of the disc, with a sound that builds and intensifies from the verse into the chorus and bridge.  Even as the song works toward the final note is played, you can’t help but be drawn in by the sound and groove of the track.  This is the best song to end on, as it prompts you to start the disc over again and again.

“Kings On Thunder Road” has all of the elements of a great W.E.T. song, from the riffs to the rhythm section and keyboards to the familiar vocals of JSS, but the contagious chorus is what hooks you, literally.  The cadence is perfect and will push this track into my running regimen!  “Urgent” unfolds from a droning guitar riff and quickly becomes one of the more aggressive tracks on the disc, thanks to the pounding drums of Robban Back swirl of guitars from Martensson and Magnus Henriksson.  “Calling Out Your Name” slows the pace and showcases the Keyboards of Robert Sall and Sotos’s vocals.  The ballad-like opening demonstrates the softer side of the band while allowing them to kick the energy and sound into high gear at the chorus and bridge.  The feel of this track adds punch to the disc.  “I Don’t Wanna Play That Game” swings things around and really allows the bottom end to lead the charge, thanks to pounding drums and a static bass line that anchors the track.  The guitars, vocals, and keyboards jump into the fray and we get another killer track that showcases how strong and cohesive these musicians are when brought together for this project.  “The Burning Pain Of Love” helps tie together all of the cool parts of the disc… from the pounding cadence of the drums and bass to the soaring vocals and guitars riffs that add depth to the song and collection overall.  The song gets the foot tapping and doesn’t let up until the last note is played.  I hope these guys continue to find a way to pull songs together and keep pumping out discs of killer melodic rock.

Tracklisting: Watch The Fire – Burn – Kings On Thunder Road – Elegantly Wasted – Urgent – Dangerous – Calling Out Your Name – Heart Is On The Line – I Don’t Wanna Play That Game – The Burning Pain Of Love – The Neverending Retraceable Dream




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