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LIVE: ROYAL BLOOD, Perth – 13 May, 2018

| 16 May 2018 | Reply

LIVE: ROYAL BLOOD, Perth – 13 May, 2018

with Psychedelic Porn Crumpets & Polish Club
HBF Stadium, Perth, Western Australia – Sunday, 13 May, 2018
Review & photography by Stuart McKay

Support acts reviewed by Karen Lowe

Excitement was high as people lined up early at HBF Stadium on Sunday to see Royal Blood – most had never had the chance to see them or at least, had only seen them at a festival. There were even the dedicated few that had been there since 9.30 that morning.

It was Perth locals, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets took the coveted opening spot (for the whole tour) and proved to everyone just why they had been chosen. From start to finish, they dominated the room and with the way they moved on stage, all you could see at times was hair flying everywhere. With their brand of psychedelic rock, they definitely picked up quite a few new fans. “Thank you everyone for coming down early! We’re from Perth so to think we are touring with Royal Blood three years later…”

One issue with all ages gigs can be with the mix of the older and younger generation in the pit together and tempers can get flared and fights can often break out. This time however, the vibe about the place was so friendly and happy and next act, Polish Club only helped to reinforce that feeling.

They are a two piece from Sydney and the energy and love that they portray on stage was sent throughout the whole stadium. They also had a unique way of sharing their set list with everyone by writing the songs on muesli bars. They started with Gimme Money, My House and Watcha Know. “You guys feeling it out there? I’m feeling this lack of aircon! I feel you can smell me already. It’s how we get to know each other.” lead singer David Novak told the audience.

Usually, bands feed off the energy that the crowd puts out but in this case, it was the crowd feeding off the energy of Polish Club. If you have never seen them before, do yourselves a favour and check out a live show as soon as you can for these guys are just pure balls of energy that clearly love and respect each other so much and absolutely love what they do. They finished their mental set with a cover of Savage Garden’s Truly Madly Deeply, Divided and Come Party. “Thank you! We are the Polish Club! See you next time!”

By Karen Lowe

Anticipation for the Brighton drum and bass behemoths was running high as the duo played their first ever Perth headline show.

Strutting onto the stage as KC and The Sunshine Band’s Get Down Tonight played over the PA, it was an early indicator of the mood of tonight’s show, and that mood was definitely: fun. Albeit a mosh-your-head-off kind of fun.

Ripping straight into Where Are You Now, drummer Ben Thatcher’s pulsing rhythms certainly got the heart rate peaking instantly, setting it up nicely for Mike Kerr to knock it out of the park with that gigantic bass sound of his in the first of many breakdowns; one of the crowning glories of this band.

Lead single Lights Out from their latest release How Did We Get So Dark was up next, followed quickly by Come On Over, the first offering from their hugely successful self-titled debut. This was an album many thought would be hard to follow, yet they’ve met the hype and have continued along the path to rock dominance.

Little Monster’s ballsy swagger got the crowd in fine voice as they clapped and sung along, and was the perfect number for Thatcher to bust out a blistering drum solo before leading into the QOTSA-inspired Hook Line and Sinker – arguably the best track off of the new album, and a song impossible not to nod your head along to.

The atmosphere was tangibly electric at this point with Kerr remarking, ‘to come from the other side of the world and see everyone singing along to these songs is fucking insane. Beautifully weird that a bunch of strangers can come together to sing and have a good time. We’re just the excuse!’

The crowd got a brief respite from the chaos with Blood Hands and Sleep, before the title track off their latest release had the crowd pogoing like the floor was made of white-hot coals. The control Kerr had over all in attendance was evident with him dividing an invisible line down the middle and pitting the two halves of the crowd against each other to see who could belt out the biggest cheers, orchestrating it all simply by the raising and lowering of his arms. Not only was the control of the crowd impressive but also the unity at which they perform as a band. Rhythm and bass has always been a great match but Royal Blood seem to transcend that combination to become some kind of musical hive mind that works perfectly together. When seeing this well-oiled juggernaut in the flesh it’s abundantly clear that this band isn’t just hype – they’re the real deal.

Saving the biggest riffs for the encore, Ten Tonne Skeleton and breakthrough single Out Of The Black literally had the walls of the venue rattling and served as a perfect climax to an electrifying show.

By Stuart McKay

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