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LIVE: Primus, Perth 14 April, 2018

| 23 April 2018 | Reply

LIVE: Primus, Perth 14 April, 2018
Metropolis City, Perth, Western Australia
Reviewed by Kevin Curran
Photography by Stuart McKay

The one and only Primus were in town in support of their new record The Desaturating Seven bringing along with them The Deen Ween Group.

Perth came out in droves to Metro City and I would have to say this show had to be a sellout or very close to, as a variety of ages and people turned up – from guys that looked like they had came from a time machine and been on their couch smoking bongs for the last 25, to girlfriends looking confused as to why the fuck they were brought along to see this weird band.

I only caught the last couple of songs of The Deen Ween group due to being stuck in a huge line to get into the venue. From what I did see, it was long drawn out jams which didn’t really give me a clear picture of the band to give a fair assessment. Having the obvious history of Ween, the crowd seemed to dig these guys, even bringing Les Claypool up to play a track before heading back in to a 10 minute jam. The crowd was warmed up and ready for the one and only Primus.

Those Damned Blue Collar Tweekers opened the show to great reception from Perth. Les Claypool does what he does so easily, pounding and slapping his bass like only he can, topped with his unmistakable nasally voice – and Perth was eating this up.

Too Many Puppies and Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver came out early, and I have to say guitarist Larry Lalonde doesn’t get enough credit, with Les Claypool getting most of the praise – but he is an amazing guitarist and is so unique with his playing. Imagine having to come up with guitar over Les Claypools bass playing? He does it so well with his weird guitar lines that I don’t think there is anyone that could fill his shoes. I won’t leave drummer Tim Alexander out either, he is so tight it’s unbelievable.

New track Seven was next, showcasing the new record along with some mind tripping visuals on the screen. A guy in the crowd asked me if I wanted some pills, said he had some reds and yellows like I was down with the lingo – he seemed like he had already indulged in these candies and at this point the visuals must have been blowing his mind!

Les Claypool brought his pig mask and bow bass thingamajig and played Jillys On Smack from the underrated Green Naugahyde record, then into the creepy Mr Krinkle, accompanied by the film clip on the screen. If you have not seen the film clip to this song do yourself a favour and YouTube it – you won’t be disappointed.

Having such a huge back catalogue Primus played a wide variety but mainly leaned heavily on their first three records and that kept this crowd happy. My Name Is Mud and closer John The Fisherman wrapped this gig up nicely.

There is only one Primus, and no one sounds like them or ever will. They are in a league all on their own and with so many coming out tonight to see them they will indeed but back in Australia, hopefully sooner than later.

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