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| 17 April 2018 | Reply

100% ROCK MAGAZINE is run by volunteer writers and photographers with a passion for music, books and pop culture, and it ain’t cheap!

In addition to the web hosting and domain name fees, we have phone bills and transcription services to pay to deliver a steady stream of interviews, postage when we send out competition prizes, and the sheer time and effort that goes into listening to or reading or watching what we review, writing about it, and formatting and publishing those articles.

Yeah, we know everyone likes to enjoy everything for free nowadays, but with almost 17 million web hits (as at 17 April, 2018) since 14 August 2012, and thousands of unique visitors to the website every week, if every reader contributed just ONE DOLLAR, we would not only be able to cover all our expenses, but also offer our readers loads of exclusives and much more content, as well as pay our writers and photographers for their valuable time.

Next time you enjoy one of our reviews, photo galleries, interviews or articles, think about hitting the Paypal DONATE button and helping us stay in business – even if it’s only a couple of bucks (or your local currency equivalent). It’s scientifically proven* to make you cooler, sexier, and more rock n’ roll every time you do so.

Thanks and love from the 100% ROCK MAGAZINE team

* No actual Science or Proof was involved in making these wildly unsubstantiable claims and actual results may vary :o)

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