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| 29 March 2018 | Reply

Shock Entertainment, July 2017
Directed by George Roy Hill
Starring Michael Sacks, Ron Leibman, Eugene Roche, Valerie Perrine
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

I can’t say I much enjoyed watching this 1972 darkly comic sci fi film based on Kurt Vonnegut Jr’s classic novel, but it is undeniably thought provoking and challenging.

Michael Sacks plays Billy Pilgrim, a man who is “unstuck in time”, jumping back and forth from the past, present and future without control.

Moving from 1970s America to the planet Tramedol, and back to his time in Germany during World War II, specifically the devastating bombing of Dresden, we’re left unsure whether Billy is losing his mind or if this really is happening to him.

Hill’s direction is fantastic (he would go on to make The Sting, The World According To Garp and more), especially during Billy’s transitions back and forth in time, and he achieves his primary goal of making us consider how traumatic events affect the rest of our lives.

Ron Leibman is great as the psychotic soldier Azzaro, and Valerie Perrine is as gorgeous as ever as Hollywood B-starlet Montana Wildhack, although she really only has to wander around with her top off for most of her scenes.

I’ll leave it to others to psycho-analyse Slaughterhouse-Five, but I have no doubt I’ll be pondering it for some time to come.

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