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| 30 January 2018 | Reply

Label: Scarlet Records

Release Date: December 8, 2017

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

“Metamorphus” is a cool guitar-driven piece that sets up the listener for some solid rock and roll.  The vibe of the track is woven throughout the rest of the disc, making this a cohesive collection.  “Beyond The Rain” shifts the sound and vibe slightly while bringing vocals to the mix.  The different textures and tones of the vocals take on different sounds at times, giving the track depth.  “Double Red” is another track that cuts the same path as the others on the disc.  The guitars and vocals come together nicely during the chorus and bridge.  London Wilde seems to outdo herself vocally on this one.  “Rage And Water” is very similar to other tracks on the disc, in that it is a straight ahead rocker that dips into heavier veins at times and seems to ease off at others, especially during the transition from verse to chorus.  “Undersold” has a very rhythmic tempo that carries throughout the song, giving the disc a solid rocker that gets the foot tapping and the head banging.  The soaring background vocals add depth to the chorus.

“Pressing The Wires” kicks down the doors and comes straight at you from the first note until the last.  The vocals are rich and heavy, adding to the songs more aggressive tone.  The guitars are solid and help carry the track over the pounding drums.  “Down Cold” showcases Dave Starr’s guitar work with a nice combination of heavier riffs with a more subdued guitar on the verses that gives the song a cool texture as it shifts back and forth between verse and chorus.  “Crimson Fifths” is the bands take on the power ballad and it delivers.  The vocals are emotionally charged and blend well with the heavier riffs and solid pounding drums.  This song should get lighters in the air in a live setting.  “From Shadow” is another cool track that has chugging riffs, that are some of the best on the disc – especially when coupled with some of the mini solos.  The vocals are great and add punch to the song during the verse.  “When The Night Falls” closes the disc with searing leads and riffs that ride above the mix, while the solid drumming anchors the track.  The vocals sail through the song and create a cool vibe.

Tracklisting: Metamorphus – Beyond The Rain – Pressing The Wires – Double Red – Down Cold – Rage And Water – Crimson Fifths – Undersold – From Shadow – When The Night Falls





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