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LIVE: Ill Nino – Perth, 2 August, 2017

| 9 August 2017 | Reply

LIVE: Ill Nino – Perth, 2 August, 2017
With Terror Universal, XtortYa
Capitol, Perth, 2 Aug 2017
By Kevin Curran

A Cold winters Perth night didn’t deter a respectable sized crowd to catch New Jersey Metal band Ill Nino on their Revolution Revolución tour.

Being the name of their debut album from 2001 this was the anniversary tour of this release which meant every track from the debut would be played in its entirety – a concept that is becoming more and more frequent.

Local lads Xtortya were up first, these blokes have been together for a long time and it’s great to see them making waves overseas, having recently been touring Europe with Ill Nino. It is disappointing that our local industry/media doesn’t give enough attention to this music style, as these guys are a great example of a band doing the hard yards and it should be applauded.

Having been on the road recently that really came across in their performance tonight, with ample energy and good stage presence. These guys suited being on this bill and delivered a short but effective set, if you’re a fan of the nu metal scene from the 2000’s you will be right at home listening to these guys.

Terror Universal were up next and these guys came out with a punch, with huge double kick triggers and horror samples aplenty. It almost felt like the volume came up by half. These guys were tight.

Visually they do the scary mask gimmick – think Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and maybe the Predator alien? You get the picture.

Vocalist Plague effortlessly went from growl vocals to clean and above all else Terror Universal were heavy but the music still had hooks and that’s a winner. They have a new record coming out Oct 13th (surprised?) which they debuted a few tracks from. Definitely worth checking out.

Closing it out Ill Nino came to the stage with gusto to perform the debut album start to finish launching into God Save Us.

The mix wasn’t good for this first track at all and I was worried for the rest of the show as vocally it was a miss. As a singer myself, I always give the benefit of the doubt as sometimes you can’t hear shit all, so you can’t judge anyone until you have done it yourself.

Thankfully everything smoothed out and Ill Nino smashed into If You Still Hate Me and Unreal.

The track What Comes Around was the first to get me familiar with Ill Nino, so it was great to hear this song live. Despite six people on stage, vocalist Cristian Machado is the only person that sings – I find that quite surprising that no one else can do harmonies, as a song like this although rocked live, but with the harmony in the chorus it would be the cherry on top of the cake.

The lads from Xtortya were brought back onstage to lend some vocals to the brutal Rip Out Your Eyes, to great ovation. A lot of tracks of this debut record have big singalong chorus’s and the Perth audience found their voice during the second half of the set.

Closing with flamenco guitar laden With You, Ill Nino came back out to play a few more tracks from their Confession record before bidding their farewells.

Whether is be a trip down nu metal lane or a bit of nostalgia this whole album in its entirety concept was a winner tonight.

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