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LIVE: FASTBALL– August 5, 2017

| 11 August 2017 | Reply

Venue: Saint Andrews Hall

City: Detroit, MI

Date: August 5, 2017

Review and Photographs by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur (

I have to admit – I didn’t know much about Fastball going in.  I did a little research, listened to a few tracks on iTunes, and checked out some videos.  I was ready for a night or good alternative rock in Detroit.  Once the lights went down and the bands fans reared up on their heels and started screaming for the guys by name, I knew there was something more to this than just another band travelling across the country and playing for their audiences. Everybody in the place (except for me apparently) knew what to expect… and they were happy with what they got.

Core members Tony Scalzo, Joey Shuffield, and Miles Zuniga assumed their spots on stage, as well as a shadowy figure on bass that relegated himself to the wings and back, except for a few songs when he stepped up and shared a microphone on some background vocals.  As the band moved in and out of their catalog playing songs that the fans knew by heart as well as some that you could tell they truly enjoyed performing, the blend of energy from the band and crowd swirled in the air and brought everybody together song after song.  Again, without much knowledge of the bands sound or songs, I found myself tapping along to song after song, even while trying to take a photo or two of the guys from the photo pit.  The songs were solidly performed and delivered with punch and attitude when necessary.  The simple approach of sharing the vocals and guitars between two guys up front allowed the fans to spread the love between Miles and Tony, shouting out to each between songs.  The guys nodded, smiled, and made eye contact – even if only for a moment – with each person here to see them tonight that was close enough to the stage to make a connection.  Song after song, the crowd responded with cheers, whistles, screams, and more all the while singing along to each song.  If you dig Fastball, this is a show that you don’t want to miss.  If you are a mild fan or barely knowledgeable about the guys and their music or just dig alternative rock, I suggest you check them out on a website or two and then grab a ticket to a show when they pass through a town near you.

Complete set of FASTBALL show photos HERE

Setlist: Tanzania – Fire Escape – ‘Til I Get It Right – I Will Never Let You Down – Rampart Street- You’re an Ocean – Frenchy and the Punk – Always Never – Love Comes In Waves – Wall of Death – Andrea – Falling Upstairs – Just Another Dream – We’re On Our Way – Out of My Head – The Way – Charlie, the Methadone Man – Make Your Mama Proud – Sooner or Later





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