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| 18 August 2017 | Reply

Label: Artery Recordings

Release Date: June 23, 2017

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

With time limited lately, I have been unable to check out a ton of new tunes, but so glad I checked out the latest from Siamese, the June 23rd release on Artery Records entitled Shameless.  The disc kicks off with “Ablaze” and this is different than most music I listen to, but am drawn in with the melodic groove woven through the modern rock sound.  I dig the vocals and the way they waver to accentuate the lyrics and accompany the music accompaniment.  “Tunnelvision” has a modern post-something feel to it, but it doesn’t jump the rails or stray too far from the path cut by the opening track.  The guitars are cool and give the song punch at the verse and bridges.  “Soul & Chemicals” has a cool pop-rock feel embedded in it that swirls nicely with the other tracks on the disc.  This song gets the foot tapping and keeps you listening from the first note to the last.  “My Turn” is the perfect companion musically to the rest of the disc, as it blends and swirls many of the different sounds and facets into one track.  The vocals seems a little stronger on this song, lending it an atmospheric feel that is touched on in other tracks but more prominent here.  “Make It Out” is one of the most contagious tracks on the disc and the reason I kept coming back to this disc for review purposes and overall listening.  The vocals are some of the best on the disc and the guitars draw you in while the drums and bass provide the perfect timing and backdrop for the track.  This song is Shameless‘ perfect storm.

“One Night Thing” continues the melodic groove wrapped by guitars and a heavy bottom end.  The feel of this track ebbs and flows between the verse and chorus, picking up steam through the bridge and culminating at the height of the chorus.  The keyboard / synth accompaniment adds depth to the track.  “Brother” is a little more diverse a track, with a cadence that kicks in full-steam with the pre-chorus and doesn’t let up as the song moves along.  The drums are solid and have a cool sound on this track that stands out a bit.  “The Promise” is another song that leans into pop-ish territory, even almost a pop-punk that seems to be taking over for a lot of the post / emo / screamo stuff of the last ten years… and in my opinion we are all the better for it.  This song is solid and gives you a decent glimpse into the bands talents individually and collectively.  “Cities” brings a different texture to the disc, with an opening that has a tribal feel that takes on the post-whatever guitar sound and vocals that have dotted the landscape of the disc.  The version we reviewed has the closing track “Never Be The Same Again” and I am not sure why this was left off of the iTunes version, but this song helps ties the disc together.  It blends the cool feel of the opening track and key elements of my favorite “Make It Out” and provides the perfect bookend to the collection.  I hadn’t heard of these guys before this release hit my inbox, but I have them on my radar now!

Tracklisting: Ablaze – Tunnelvision – One Night Thing – Soul & Chemicals – Brother – My Turn – The Promise – Make It Out – Cities – Never Be The Same Again





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