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Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l. 

Release Date: March 24, 2017

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Eclipse does it again – a disc full of killer songs that seem to have everything needed to take the last disc and build on it.  This disc has stuck with me for over two months (trying to find time to review it) and it stayed close to the top of the pile, as I couldn’t stop spinning it.  Disc opener “Vertigo” kicks us off on a melodic rock ride that doesn’t let up or look back.  The chugging riffs that fill the void are the perfect background for huge vocals, thunderous drumming and heavy handed bass that all come together in a perfect rock and roll storm.  “Never Look Back” has a different sound and feel than the previous track, but all the rhythm and intensity.  The songs vocals elevate this song, as do the riffs that envelope the mix.  “The Downfall Of Eden” kicks the sound and tempo up a notch, without changing the vibe and sound of the disc as a whole.  Philip Crusner’s drumming is great on this track, as it stands out without overshadowing at all.  “Jaded” is all riff – thanks to Magnus Henriksson.  The guitar work on this song is playful and fun, while keeping the track flowing from open to close.  The different textures of the song are plucked straight from the guitar’s sound.  “For Better Or For Worse” keeps the rock flowing with more chugging riffs, a solid back beat from the drums, and vocals that soar between the verse and chorus.  The chorus is catchy while telling a story of true love.  Disc closer “Black Rain” is a moodier song that perfectly frames Erik Mårtensson’s vocals with pounding drums, huge guitar riffs, and a solid bass line that drone in the background.  The song is a cool slight deviation from the sound of other tracks, giving us one more reason to dig the song, the disc, and the band.

“Killing Me” brings yet another groove to the disc… that is until the drums and bass jump into the fray and give us a bottom heavy track that features a killer cadence for a great rock song.  The vocals, especially the chants in the background, give this song some depth and a little extra punch.  The guitars work well setting the stage for the rhythm section and vocals.  “Hurt” is one of the more diverse tracks on the disc, as it slows the pace down and delivers a ballad-esque track that really gives Mårtensson the opportunity to showcase his voice without intense guitars and a heavy rhythm section to drown him out.  When the band joins in full-force, the song gains strength without getting overpowering.  “Born To Lead” is a huge song that should have been released 30 years ago… when it would have been a huge radio hit.  The way the band comes together shows the ‘momentum’ the band took from the last disc and carried onto this collection of great rock songs.  “No Way Back” is a solid song that has a huge sound from the guitars, drums, and bass in the intro that only grows sonically as the song moves in and out of the verses, choruses, and bridge.  The vocals add to the songs magic and feel.  The way the guitars dance with the vocals is cool to listen to.  Be sure to check out the pings, squeals, and solo at the bridge.  “Night Comes Crawling” is a great rock track that features big vocals, searing guitar parts, steady-handed drums and bass, and changing tempos that give the song a cool range of sound without disrupting the vibe of the track or disc.

Tracklisting: Vertigo – Never Look Back – Killing Me – The Downfall Of Eden – Hurt – Jaded – Born To Lead – For Better Or For Worse – No Way Back – Night Comes Crawling – Black Rain

Band: Erik Mårtensson (lead vocals, guitars) – Magnus Henriksson (guitars) – Philip Crusner (drums) – Magnus Ulfstedt – bass






Category: CD Reviews

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