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BOOK REVIEW: Me Too, Grandma! by Jane Chapman

| 2 May 2017 | Reply

BOOK REVIEW: Me Too, Grandma! by Jane Chapman

Koala Books
April 2017
Hardcover, $27.99 / Paperback, $15.99
Reviewed by Steph O’Connell

Picture Book / Mother’s Day


Grandma has a surprise for Mo – a visit from his baby cousin, Bibi.

But Mo soon feels a little jealous. Why does Bibi get all the tickles and cuddles? And why won’t Grandma play Mo’s favourite games?

Mo used to be Grandma’s special owlet. Will there be room in her heart for two?

There are always too few books for Nanas or Grandmas on Mother’s day and, while there is usually a section dedicated specifically to a new baby in the family, I don’t believe I’ve come across any that deal with a new cousin in the family.

This is a gorgeously illustrated book about time with Grandma and it deals with the changes that come with a new baby cousin.

Honestly, story aside, the illustrations of these owls alone recommend the book, and it’s a great one to either have on hand for Grandma visits, or to gift her for mothers day so it can perhaps be read with her (and any cousins) when visiting!

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