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| 5 January 2017 | Reply

Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Release Date: October 14, 2016

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

So many bands have seen resurgence in their popularity and catalog thanks to Frontiers Records.  One of those bands released a great album of new material last year when Tyketto dropped Reach on their fans back in October.  Title track “Reach” launches this disc in the right direction with killer riffs, a cool melodic sound that swirls in the mix and the vocals every Tyketto fan has come to know and love.  Lead signer Danny Vaughn delivers some of the best vocals on this song and takes us back while keeping us rooted in the current.  “Big Money” opens with thunderous drums from founding member Michael Clayton Arbeeny and ample riffs from guitarist Chris Green.  The chorus has a cool layered sound that builds the track up.  “Circle The Wagons” opens like an old Folgers commercial, but soon the song sprouts wings and takes off thanks to keyboards from Ged Rylands and a solid delivery from the rhythm section.  “Tearing Down The Sky” is a chugging rocker that leans into the bands catalog of tricks, from layered vocals to solid riffs that support the track through the different transitions from verse to chorus to bridge.  The groove of this track gets the head banging and foot tapping.  “The Fastest Man Alive” is a solid rocker that brings the different sounds and feels of the disc together in one track.  From Chris Childs’ chugging bass lines and the steady drums to the guitars and vocals that merge and the keyboards that anchor the sound, this song kicks from open to close.  “Sparks Will Fly” has a slightly different feel thanks to a tweaked guitar that opens the track.  The riff and groove throughout is one of the bluesiest on the disc and it shows off a different side of the band that isn’t often allowed out – and I like it.

“Kick Like A Mule” is a different track that still strikes me differently depending on the day.  The tribal rhythm coupled with the melodic guitar work and chugging bass lines give this song a solid backbone that keeps the song flowing.  “I Need It Now” starts of showcasing the rhythm section of drummer Arbeeny and bassist Childs while morphing into a solid rocker that allows the guitars and vocals to run free across the track, especially during the chorus and bridge.  “Letting Go” is a beautiful ballad that hits the mark perfectly – thanks to Green’s cool acoustic that duets with Vaughn’s voice on the verses.  The song builds through the chorus and bridge when the guitars get plugged in but kept at bay sonically.  “Remember My Name” demonstrates not only where the band has been, but where they are.  This tune features a modern rock sound wrapped around the melodic goodness that is Tyketto of old.  The heavier bottom end paired up with the lofty guitars and Rylands’ keyboards gives the disc a cool feel that is different than other tracks, but fits.  “Scream” is another ballad-like track that the band recorded for this release, but don’t let the keyboard/vocal duet that opens the song fool you.  This song is one of the best on the disc thanks to a moving chorus and bridge that features a simple yet inspiring guitar solo and awesome vocal.  the song grows in sound and intensity as it progresses.  Disc closer “The Run” mirrors the previous track in that it starts off mellow and shifts gears as the song moves along.  The sound of this song has many facets to it that bring together the classic Tyketto sound with the modern flavor and feel of the new members. Now if we can just get some solid tours dates here in North America from these guys, the cycle would be complete.

​​​Tracklisting: Reach – Big Money – Kick Like A Mule – Circle The Wagons – I Need It Now – Tearing Down The Sky – Letting Go – The Fastest Man Alive – Remember My Name – Sparks Will Fly – Scream – The Run





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