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| 2 November 2016 | Reply


Label: Razor & Tie

Release Date: October 21, 2016

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Every once in a while I announce I have a new favorite disc, and one of those moments has arrived.  After listening to the download a couple times, I ran out and picked up a physical copy of the disc – I had to have it in my collection!  I love the new disc from The Pretty Reckless so much, it has not only been a constant spin in my CD player, but it prompted me to dig out the bands two previous efforts as well.  Disc opener “The Walls Are Closing In / Hangman” is an interesting piece.  This dual track sets the pace and course for the record, even in its own diversity as a medley of sorts.  The beautiful piano interlude the swirls with Taylor Momsen’s vocals over the intro takes us into new territory while the rest of the song morphs quickly into something more expected from the band.  The track gains momentum and builds a perfect foundation for the rest of the music to come.  “Oh My God” kicks off with a muted guitar riff from Ben Phillips that shifts gears into a full-blown punk-rock riff that takes the disc in a slightly different direction, but doesn’t stray from the feel of the collection as a whole.  This track was a great follow-up as the second single released from the disc.  “Prisoner” is a cool track that has a different feel to it as the song unfolds, but the minute Taylor starts crooning overtop the musical accompaniment, we are roped back into the comfortable groove that this disc gives.  “Back To The River” is another song that seems to take us into new territory for the band, but this disc seems to have that thread woven throughout, making this song just one more layer of killer music developed for this release.  Let’s be honest, the addition of Warren Haynes on guitar doesn’t hurt the sound or vibe of the track.  “Bedroom Window” takes us on a small journey, led by Taylor’s vocals that dance lightly above the mix and acoustic guitar work from Phillips.  “Already Dead” features Jamie Perkins drumming and Momsen’s vocals prominently while the guitars and bass play steadily in the background.  The underlying blues groove on this track adds a cool feel to the disc, even as we creep to the end.

Lead single “Take Me Down” is a perfect representation of the more simplistic rock sound and groove of the band, without losing some of the attitude and edge that this quartet has built and developed over the last couple years touring to support their previous release.  Momsen’s raspy vocals are the perfect complement to the band and vibe of the track overall.  “Wild City” ramps up with cool riffs and great drums fills, but the real magic in this track is the funk-like groove underneath the song that gives this track depth and allows the vocals to swirl with the guitars and heavy-handed bass lines.  The lyrics are catchy and match the feel of the track.  Title track “Who You Selling For” brings a slightly stripped back sound that is highlighted by perfect timekeeping from drummer Perkins and a chillingly beautiful vocal from Momsen.  The guitars are mellow through the verse and give the song a perfect backdrop for the emotionally driven lyrics.  “Living In The Storm” is a killer rock track that blends the vibe of this disc with some of the edgier attitude of earlier singles and helps tie this release to the bands catalog without sounding overdone or rehashed.  The bass from Mark Damon thumps along underneath the song anchoring the track, even when it seems to chug harder and faster through the second verse.  “The Devil’s Back” brings together several of the strong components of the various songs on the disc, from the killer vocal to the steady rhythm section and into the melodic guitar that carries the song from open to close.  The vibe of the track seems to permeate every song on the collection without changing the sound of each track individually, but it helps tie them all together.  Closer “Mad Love” is another rocker that benefits from a funk-filled bass line in the mix.  Much like almost every track on this disc, the vocals are rich, thick, and are poured perfectly over the blend of instruments, giving this song a sweet sound that prompts you to start this one over and over again.

Tracklisting: The Walls Are Closing In / Hangman – Oh My God – Take Me Down – Prisoner – Wild City – Back To The River – Who You Selling For – Bedroom Window – Living In The Storm – Already Dead – The Devil’s Back – Mad Love






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