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| 2 August 2014 | 5 Replies

June 2014
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Swanee - One Day At A Time cover

John Swan’s first all-new album in far too long is a record out of time, a work of self-assurance by a rare talent who may be perceived by those who only listen to commercial radio (rather than keeping an ear to what’s actually exciting out there) as having ‘peaked’ in the 80s, but who is writing and singing right now as well or better than he’s ever done.

One Day At A Time – the title references his victory over alcoholism that has seen him sober for fourteen years, as well as his musical philosophy – features ten timeless songs co-written by Swan and Darren Mullen, all of which you could pluck out and drop into a record from the 70s, 80s, 90s or now and find they sit comfortably at home.

With scant few contemporary singers making more than a ripple in the Australian music scene, we need to treasure the trail blazers like Swanee, his younger brother Barnesy, Russell Morris, Jon Stevens and their ilk while we still can, and with One Day At A Time Swanee has reminded us that he belongs in the same orbit as those arguably more readily household names.

Rescue Me is a beautiful song with a keen pop melody; Close The Door a sheer delight as Swanee details the emotional homecoming of a soldier after serving away. No-One Takes Me Serious features a crunchy riff played by the man himself (he also plays some bass and drums throughout, though Damien Steele Scott and Andrew Bignell respectively carry most of the load), while Heart Run Dry is practically a gospel song – a style close to Swan’s heart after growing up listening to his Dad’s record collection.

In truth I could talk about any one of these tracks and the story will be the same: great writing, great performances (lead guitarist James Muller is a revelation) and that incredible, honeyed velvet voice that is so equally wonderfully belting out a rocker as tapping into some deep soul.

Get it.


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  1. Elaine colle says:

    John swans new cd is great. People don’t know what they are missing if they don’t buy it.

  2. Connie Pearson says:

    A great and well deserved review, Shane – all true by the way! A rare talent who we are SO lucky to have based here in Adelaide. Can you imagine it – we get to see this legend perform on a regular basis! So do yourselves a favour peeps, buy that CD and go and see Swanee perform – you won’t be disappointed!

  3. eileen phan says:

    Wonderful Album, love every song. Thank you John for bringing the joy of music into my life

  4. Carly Ely says:

    A brilliant album John. Love every track and have just about worn mine out 🙂 Thank you for turning me back to my music roots

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