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| 16 November 2016 | Reply


Label: Provogue / Mascot

Release Date: November 11, 2016

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I can still remember the first time I heard Triumph’s “Magic Power” – I had just purchased a K-Tel record… yes record… and that song jumped out at me and has stuck with me ever since.  When the latest project from Rik Emmett came across my email, I was taken back to that moment and I couldn’t wait to check out this new material and direction.  “Stand Still” kicks things off with a riff that merges a Southern Rock flavor with a blues groove and tosses in a bit of the rock quotient we have come to expect from Emmett.  This song gets the foot tapping and keeps you listening into the next track.  “Human Race” is a cool track that also features Alex Lifeson on guitar.  This track is a mellower rock track that shows glimmers of Emmett’s historical sound without rehashing the singer / guitarists catalog.  “My Cathedral” is a great blues track that lets the rest of RESolution 9 stand out as player with a great rhythm section that anchors the track while the guitars work to support the vocals.  “When You Were My Baby” opens with some guitar noodling that eventually morphs into a blues groove that gives the bass and drums a little room to run in the mix, along with the keyboards that seem to decorate the track lightly in the background.  “Heads Up” is my favorite track on the disc, as it gives us a full-fledged rocker that helps bring the collection full circle with Rik’s catalog and the rock vibe he typically creates on his various recordings.  Disc closer “Grand Parade” is a track a lot of Emmett’s fans have been waiting for – a reunion of sorts with Triumph band members Gil Moore & Mike Levine.  This song, while miles from songs like “Magic Power” sonically, the song is just as intense and tight from a lyrical and musical standpoint.  This song perfectly bookends the disc and takes us out on a high note.

“I Sing” slows the tempo down a bit, but dials up the intensity with the addition of James LaBrie on vocals.  This track gives us a cool duet that delivers some of the best emotionally charges lyrics on the disc, as well as some cool guitar work in the background.  “The Ghost of Shadow Town” keeps a blues groove intact while delivering a great riff that buries itself in the songs foundation.  The vocals are smoldering and are a perfect complement to the moodier musical accompaniment and lyrical content.  “Sweet Tooth” has fun tongue-in-cheek lyrics that are played up by the music that carries it.  The vibe of the light is light and sweet, giving the song a different feel than most of the music on the disc.  The guitar solo at the bridge helps tie this track in with other songs on the disc.  “Rest of My Life” is a great mid-tempo rocker that gives us layered vocals, smooth guitar riffs and solos, and a steady bottom end of drums and bass.  The song shows off a slightly different side of the band without deviating from the path cut by the other songs on the disc.  “End of the Line” brings together the band with the two guests from earlier tracks, Alex Lifeson and James LaBrie.  The rock groove cut by this track pumps up the back end of the disc.  The guitars on this track stand out; even the chugging riff in the mix seems to shine brighter.

Tracklisting: Stand Still – Human Race (featuring Alex Lifeson) – I Sing (featuring James LaBrie) – My Cathedral – The Ghost of Shadow Town – When You Were My Baby – Sweet Tooth – Heads Up – Rest of My Life – End of the Line (featuring Alex Lifeson and James LaBrie) – Grand Parade (featuring Gil Moore & Mike Levine)

The Band: Dave Dunlop – Paul Delong – Rik Emmett – Steve Skingley






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