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| 11 October 2016 | Reply



The 2016/17 Falls Music & Arts Festival line-up has landed! Positive times (+x) will be migrating across state borders this summer to four unique locations – Lorne VIC, Marion Bay TAS, Byron Bay NSW and for the very first time, Fremantle WA! From stunning natural settings and rolling green amphitheaters to inner city streets and abandoned buildings, Falls will be taking over four corners of Australia and transforming each of the spaces into immersive carousels of music, dance, light and art.

As Falls enters its 24th annual event, we have everything pretty down-pat! A rich history of amazing live music · world class production · thoughtful and modern camping facilities · makers’ markets · visual arts performances · creative installations · daily beach access · pop-up bars and beer gardens · food trucks and restaurants · holistic and wellbeing services · local traders · community involvement · interactive games and activities · all with experienced staff and volunteers to help make your time great.

This summer an all-rounder roster of acts will be sliding into home-base from local and international GPS coordinates. You’ll experience a technicolour array of genres delivering live performances to slow dance and shimmy to.

Hold onto your hats, here we go…



2016/17 EVENTS:
Lorne VIC: 28 Dec, 29 Dec, 30 Dec, 31 Dec (est. 1993) 18+ event
Marion Bay TAS: 29 Dec, 30 Dec, 31 Dec (est. 2003) All ages
Byron Bay NSW: 31 Dec, 01 Jan, 02 Jan (est. 2013) 18+ event
Fremantle WA: 07 Jan, 08 Jan (est. 2016) 18+ event

Get to know the 2016/17 line-up…

CHILDISH GAMBINO (NO SIDESHOWS) – The living definition of a “slashie”, Childish Gambino / Donald Glover is a rapper / actor / writer / superstar. Initially taking his high school yearbook crown of ‘person most likely to write for The Simpsons’ as career advice, Glover came to prominence as a writer for seminal sitcom 30 Rock. He then effortlessly transitioned into a beloved character actor, playing Troy Barnes on Community. Beneath the slick, talented veneer of Donald Glover though, lives Childish Gambino. As a rapper with a knack for infectious hooks and a distinctive self aware flow, Gambino has released several brilliant records, building with 2013 Because The Internet and culminating with this years PHAROS. Get ready for dance-floor slammers ‘V.3005’, ‘IV sweatpants’ and ‘Sober’, just to name a few.

LONDON GRAMMAR (NO SIDESHOWS) – It’s very hard to describe London Grammar as anything other than a truly special band, especially with the weight of evidence in their favour. Sashaying into our consciences a couple of years ago with stunning debut single ‘Wasting My Young Years’, it was clear that something was going on here. The powerful and downright heartbreaking vocals of Hannah Reid combined with deft and chilling production to produce full body goosebumps. The resulting album If You Wait did not disappoint, spawning an equally jaw dropping run of singles including ‘Strong’, ‘Hey Now’ and ‘Nightcall’. Showcasing new work from their forthcoming album, which they describe as something between Pocahontas and Fleetwood Mac, London Grammar cannot be missed.

THE AVALANCHES – Bit of perspective; sixteen years ago George W. Bush was elected as the president of the United States. The highest selling record was The Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem. Also, The Avalanches released Since I Left You. We got to know it, we got to love it and we waited patiently for its follow up. Then we kept waiting. Now, a decade and a half later, we have Wildflower and, really, who cares that it took so long? It’s brilliant. It’s like they never left. It’s a return to form for a band that never actually went out of form. ‘Frankie Sinatra’, ‘Subways’, ‘If I Were A Folkstar’; they’re all gold and with a live show that mixes both albums and some surprise elements too, this will surely be one of the sets of the festival.

VIOLENT SOHO – The story of Violent Soho reads like one convoluted triumph. Formed in the suburbs of Queensland in 2004, they rode a wave of expectation all the way to the US of A, signing a record deal with Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth – a hero of the band. They then proceeded to tour the states mercilessly until returning home in defiance. Signing to I OH YOU in 2012, they dropped Hungry Ghost and the impact, finally, was seismic. Screaming “hell fuck yeah!” across sold out venues and airwaves everywhere, the hard work paid off as their ‘heavier than a boulder, catchier than ebola’ style captured hearts and circle pits in turn. Returning this year with the triumphant WACO, Violent Soho cannot be slowed down.

MATT CORBY – A real special one this one, it feels like Matt Corby has been with us forever. Maybe it’s the way he seems to embody the best parts of so many legendary musicians and artists: his fierce guitar work, expansive songwriting and that voice. It was recognisable immediately back in 2011 when he released ‘Brother’ and shot immediately to the top of the tree. His multi-platinum EP Into The Flame followed and the stage was set for his much awaited debut. Matt, being Matt, took his time. Releases came in dribs and drabs (the ARIA winning ‘Resolution’ among them) and then finally, in March this year, we were given Telluric. A focussed distillation of a major talent which confirmed that Matt Corby is class apart.

ALISON WONDERLAND – A stone cold party starter, Alison Wonderland marches to the beat of her own drum. Self described as a “vodka aficionado”, Alison started her music career as the cellist in the Sydney Youth Orchestra. From little things, big things grow though, and from those humble beginnings she has risen to become one of Australia’s most in demand DJ’s. Her debut album Run was released in March 2015 and, with help from the Wayne Coyne featuring single ‘U Don’t Know’, it took the charts by storm. Clocking up millions of streams and thousands of fans, Wonderland has taken her trade overseas where she continues to wreak havoc across the globe. Never to be missed at a festival, Alison Wonderland has got exactly what you need.

CATFISH AND THE BOTTLEMEN – UK’s freshest and most exciting live acts Catfish And The Bottlemen are back with the highly anticipated follow up to their debut album The Balcony. Featuring hit tracks ‘Soundcheck’ and ‘7’, The Ride as already attracted critical praise worldwide; “Catfish And The Bottlemen make no bones about their stadium level-ambitions… Each album is structured the way you’d build a live set, with peaks and valleys of energy creating a flow that seems responsive to your listening desires” (Paste Magazine). Having just recently been voted Best New Band in the UK at this year’s Brit Awards, 2016 looks to be the year Catfish And The Bottlemen take over..

FAT FREDDY’S DROP – Hailing from the land of the long white cloud and hitting this year’s festival with a reputation that cannot be earned without decades of hard yards, Fat Freddy’s Drop are masters of their craft. Together since the mid nineties, these Wellington-based journeymen have been on an explorative mission beginning with blissed out reggae, moving through soul psychedelia and eventually careening into jazz virtuosity with the greatest of ease. They’ve sold a quarter of a million records, won multiple accolades and last year released career highlight BAYS – which cemented their passion for genre-hopping and somehow elevated their already untouchable live show to dizzying new heights.

TA-KU – Hailing from the most isolated capital city in the world and possessing a midas touch to be envied, producer / DJ Ta-Ku is a young man at the start of a meteoric rise. As a student of soul and hip hop, this wildly talented individual has evolved rapidly from a self-taught student to worldwide concern. In 2013, he released his debut album Songs To Break Up To but it wasn’t until 2015, when he dropped his Songs To Make Up To EP, that the wheels really started to turn. He has since remixed the likes of AlunaGeorge, Flume, BANKS and the Presets and has recently finished a collaborative EP with fellow fire-starter Wafia that is gaining attention all over the globe. Not bad for a guy who only made his live debut in 2015!

THE RUBENS – Australia Day: 2016. 5:45pm. A nation of music lovers in parks, at BBQ’s, on the beach, in their cars or even at work tuned into triple j’s Hottest 100 countdown ready and eager to hear which tune will top the table this year. Keen followers of the station note that (barring any unexpected T. Swift intrusions) there are only really two songs that could make it. Cue: ‘King Kunta’ by Kendrick Lamar slotting in at number two. Cut to: five blokes from rural Menangle in NSW collectively losing their shit in a radio studio. ‘Hoops’ by The Rubens. Number one. Just reward for years of hard work, two hugely popular records, countless live shows and a reputation forged on routinely outstanding tunes.

THE JEZABELS – One of Australia’s most respected acts and unparalleled masters of atmosphere, The Jezabels return to the festival stage this year to vindicate our love once more. Having taken an extended break after touring themselves into the ground on the back of their much loved first two records, they returned with ‘Come Alive’, a driving tune that somehow elevated the mix of euphoria and melancholia synonymous with The Jezabels’ sound. Third album Synthia was not far behind and as soon as the pounding drums and chiming guitars melded with those unmistakable vocals, we knew we were in flavour country once again. Wielding an unstoppable back catalogue and a swathe of fresh classics, The Jezebels are essential.

BALL PARK MUSIC – What do people imagine when they think of Ball Park Music? Do they imagine five youngsters cruising top down in a blaze of glory through the guts of Brisbane’s indie-pop-rock utopia? Do they imagine a planning meeting atop a pyramid of vintage amplifiers and festival ticket stubs? Maybe a wild and wondrous party serving custard-flavoured coke, raging proudly through the Valley and on into the night…? Whatever they imagine, the real thing is so much better. They always manage to deliver the goods, whether that be through hits like ‘It’s Nice To Be Alive’, ‘Coming Down’ and Surrender’ or their upcoming impressive fourth studio album, Every Night the Same Dream. They’ve got it covered.

GROUPLOVE – One of the most energetic live bands on the face of the planet right now, Grouplove come welding a legendary reputation. We fell in love with them way back in 2011 as they unleashed a barrage of unforgettable singles from their colossal debut Never Trust A Happy Song. You can reel them off; ‘Colours’, ‘Tongue Tied’, ‘Itchin’ On A Photograph’… it’s an impressive lineup. They then cut a swathe through Australia giving us a taste of their “5 red bulls and who knows what else” live show, simply demanding we embrace them. We were only too happy. Next they gave us ‘Ways To Go’ and you might have heard their latest ‘Welcome To Your Life’ crushing the airwaves of late. Grouplove are what happens when melody clashes with energy.

BERNARD FANNING – If Bernard Fanning was a cricketer (and all evidence on hand suggests that he might wish he was) he’d be somebody like Mike Hussey. Stoic, determined and wildly talented with a disposition and depth of character as such to make him one of the more popular blokes to ever pick up the willow (or guitar, as the case may be). It seems unnecessary at this stage to list the accolades littered throughout Fanning’s career with Powderfinder and as a solo artist (see: 18 ARIA Awards, 7 number one albums, a nation of devoted followers) but it does need to be mentioned that Fanning has no plans to put his feet up just yet. Two new records are on the horizon ‘Civil Dusk’ and ‘Brutal Dawn’; the man is a legend.

JAMIE T – With his appealingly laid-back hip-hop vocal phrasing and an eclectic bedroom D.I.Y. musical palette, Jamie T. comes across like the mutant love child of the Streets’ Mike Skinner and Badly Drawn Boy’s Damon Gough. His clever pop sense is his own, however, and keeps the South Londoner from sounding like a mashup of his influences, which range from vintage Jamaican ska to the Beastie Boys, via Tina Turner and the Clash. Coming to Falls with a slew of hits up his sleeve, get ready to sing along to ‘Zombie’, ‘Sticks ‘n’ Stones’ and ‘Sheila’ whilst also learning some of his new stuff with record Trick set to drop in September.

BROODS – Broods in name, broods in sound, this New Zealand born brother and sister duo first seduced ears with their brilliant debut single ‘Bridges’. Known to their folks as Georgia and Caleb, the Nott siblings first began performing together in the early 2000’s, later teaming up with super producer and fellow antipodean Joel Little (Lorde, Jarryd James, Daniel Johns) to forge the mysterious, melodic sound that has come to define them. Their latest record Conscious follows on from their wildly popular debut Evergreen, a release that saw them crisscrossing the globe and touring with the likes of Sam Smith, Ellie Goulding and Haim. A household name in NZ, Broods are on the precipice of something very special.

TKAY MAIDZA – The pride of South Australia, TKay Maidza has been on our radar since the tender age of 17 when she released the stomping clarion call of ‘Brontosaurus’. You know the one: “stomp your feet like a brontosaurus” goes the hook as the playful yet dangerous tones of T-Kay whip us up into a frenzy. Born for the stage in Zimbabwe, Miss Maidza has collaborated at will and dominated triple j airwaves with her unique fusion of hip hop, dance and riot grrrl. The rest of the world is catching on too: TKay was recently nominated for Best New International Talent at the BET Awards, where she rubbed shoulders with the likes of Drake and Beyonce; company in which she doubtlessly belongs. New material due out any time now!

GRANDMASTER FLASH – It’s not every weekend that you get the chance to witness musical royalty in the flesh. In fact, how many days of your life would you claim to have been able to feast your ears on a set of classic, feel good, hip-hop anthems delivered to you by the man who was there for their creation? Not many? If any. Well this year you have that chance. Grandmaster Flash is here. The first hip-hop act inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will be gracing our stage and dropping tunes from a career littered with highlights. As an innovative DJ, he is unparalleled. As a hit maker, he is prolific (ever heard of a little tune called ‘The Message’?). As a man, he is legend. All the way from The Bronx to the worldwide stage; it’s Grandmaster Flash.

ILLY – Born and bred from Melbourne’s tough musical utopia, Illy stands tall amongst his peers. With his solo repertoire forged through 5 releases since 2009, there’s no sign of him slowing down anytime soon. Releasing one of the biggest tunes of 2016 already with ‘Papercuts’ Illy marches forward as the new voice in Generation Now hip-hop. A writer, a lyrical activist, an observer, and a poet, he treks through the global jigsaw with firm optimism and understanding of its rollercoaster nature. Tales, tribulations and tributes to the nature of his youth, his culture, and the inevitable questions faced. He is the heart and soul of the underdog, the future flag-bearer of a much maligned generation.

MØ – Described as a cross between Siouxsie Sioux and Janet Jackson, MØ is a different kind of cat. You’ll know her from Major Lazer’s massive single ‘Lean On’ (which she co-wrote) and also for burning the bridge of Lazer’s latest chart topper ‘Cold Water’ (also featuring somebody named Justin Bieber), but there’s much more to this Denmark bred firecracker than collaborative skills. Releasing EP’s and singles since 2007, MØ’s first album No Mythologies to Follow was dropped last year to great critical acclaim. Something of a punk activist, she has been politically active since her teens and has paralleled this ethos with her bourgeoning musical career. An electric performer on stage, MØ will be a highlight.

HOT DUB TIME MACHINE – Much, much better than the recent sequel to the movie from which it gets it’s name, Hot Dub Time Machine is the brainchild of Sydney DJ Tom Loud, and man, you do not want to miss a minute of this. Making his way in fairly vague chronological order on a transcendent journey through pop music history, Loud incorporates huge visuals and live scratching into one massive blow out. Having worked it around the world and back, Hot Dub Time Machine usually kicks off with 50’s staple Rock Around The Clock and makes its way through 60’s pop, disco, nu-wave, hip-hop, EDM and much, much more. If you’ve ever appreciated a classic mash up and feel like going on a good old fashioned time warp then hop in, the bubbles are on.

DMA’S – You’d be a liar if you told us you don’t remember where you were the first time you heard ‘Delete’ by DMA’S. A ‘once in a blue moon, pull your car over and try not to call your ex’ type of number, this rousing break-up ballad for a new generation has become the calling card for a back catalogue of stonking good tunes hurled forth by these Sydney tune-smiths. Influenced by a time when Liam, Noel, Damon and Gaz ruled the landscape, DMA’S take elements from all that is good about Britpop and stamp their own unique Australian identities all over it. Their debut album Hills End came packed end to end with singles like ‘Lay Down’ and ‘Play It Out’ and has seen the boys clocking up frequent flyer points both locally and worldwide.

ALUNAGEORGE – Never overstating their intentions, English vibe masters AlunaGeorge are a dab hand at creating unstoppable energy with just the bare minimum of ingredients. Formed in 2012 around the mystical vocal talents of Aluna Francis and the production nous of George Reid (wonder how they got their name?), these firecrackers first really hit the radar through Francis’ star turn on Disclosure’s 2013 single ‘White Noise’. From there, they released their debut record Body Music to rapturous acclaim, seeing collaborations with the likes of Flume, Popcaan and Chu become commonplace. Newest record I Remember is set to cement their place snaking through the dance floors of our collective hearts.

BOOKA SHADE – True innovators and pioneers, Berlin based duo Booka Shade were instrumental in the the mid-oughts in taking electronic dance music and giving it a place on the live stage. In 2002, Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier formed dance label Get Physical with M.A.N.D.Y, Thomas ‘DJ T’ Koch and production partner Peter Hayo; working tirelessly to build it into one of the world’s foremost imprints. They continued on to create seminal dance records, remix the likes of Depeche Mode, Hot Chip, Kings of Leon and The Knife and earn themselves a gigantic reputation for their innovative and thrilling live shows. This notoriety is still in place today as Booka Shade continue to push sonic boundaries at will.

CLIENT LIAISON – Take a long lunch, order some bubbly on the company card, maybe crack a cheeky tin of Fosters to wash it down and get comfortable: Client Liaison are back. Making sure every whim and desire are catered for, the boys are riding high on the back of the imminent release of their debut album, which not only features inspiring first single ‘World of Love’, but also a guest spot by none other than ARIA Hall of Famer and sweet Sorrento Mooner Tina Arena. We can’t confirm nor deny that Tina will be appearing with the lads at this year’s festival but what we can guarantee is swathes of synth, smooth vocals and undeniable melodies that will transport you back to a simpler time when life was easy and Ansett ruled the sky.

VALLIS ALPS – Rising quicker than your local bakers bread, Canberra via Seattle duo Vallis Alps have been riding high on the crest of their brilliant debut single ‘Young’. Breaking out via triple j Unearthed and then moving into a regular spot on the stations hit list, Parissa Tosif and David Ansar deal in a mysterious, warm and glitchy sound complimented by ethereal vocals and kaleidoscopic melodies. Their breakout EP has been so widely circulated that ‘Young’ has managed to clock up almost 5 million Soundcloud spins! Quite new to the live stage, Vallis Alps have had no trouble converting their expansive sound into an inclusive experience for audience and artist alike. Miss these guys at your peril.

PARQUET COURTS – Cooler than you, cooler than us, cooler than the other side of the pillow: it’s Parquet Courts. Making their name drawing on a wellspring of indie slackerism founded by the likes of Stephen Malkmus and Lou Reed, Parquet Courts have been remarkably consistent. Debut album Light Up Gold and the unstoppable Stoned and Starving put them on the map here in Australia and, as their reputations grew, so did their output. This year’s Human Performance was an undeniable career highlight as twin songwriters Andrew Savage and Austin Brown turn their eye to everything from social media ills to forlorn attempts at everyday connection. Pitchfork called them “audacious” – come and find out for yourselves.

CITY CALM DOWN – Capitalising on several years of potential and releasing one of the most accomplished debut albums in recent memory, Melbourne dark wave pop merchants City Calm Down have done very well for themselves lately, thank you very much. In A Restless House is the record in question, and it would be hard not to be impressed by the depth of melodic presence and driving rhythms on display. Taking cues from the likes of The National and Joy Division (but never crossing the line into imitation), City Calm Down have consistently exceeded expectations. Led by the deep and dulcet tones of enigmatic vocalist Jack Bourke, singles such as Rabbit Run and Your Fix were inescapable throughout 2016.

L D R U – AKA Drew Carmody – turned to music production after suffering a debilitating back injury during his late teens. In his recovery, L D R U spent enough time finely tuning his compositions and ultimately engineered his distinct sound that would eventually go on to captivate his city, his country, and fans from all corners. This distinct sound, what L D R U describes as “trapical,” bounced through his debut 2013 single ‘The Tropics’. Since then L D R U has released official remixes for Flume, Lorde, Jack Ü and Miami Horror. L D R U soon released Keeping Score featuring the defined vocals of Paige IV, soaring to Platinum Accreditation (ARIA) and coming in at a hot #22 on triple j’s 2015 Hottest 100!

MODERN BASEBALL – It’s rare to hear a band as brutally honest with themselves and their audience as Philadelphian rockers Modern Baseball. After a couple of albums of building tension, the band hit a turning point a few years ago as one of their lead singers Brendan Lukens navigated a rough patch personally. The result was Holy Ghost and it represented a significant turning point. For lovers of the likes of the Smith Street Band and Camp Cope, Modern Baseball wear their hearts on their sleeves as they tear through chaotic live shows that demonstrate an unstoppable back catalogue full of raw passion and emotion. It’s like therapy, if therapy was fun and you could scream along with your mates the whole way through.

TIRED LION – Tired Lion begin to stand out as one of Western Australia’s most exciting new bands! After releasing the first single ‘I Don’t Think You Like Me’ they’ve gone from strength to strength! Tired Lion have dominated Australian radio play (climbing as high as 10th most played song on triple j), blown listener’s minds with their ‘Like a Version’ mash-up of Violent Soho’s ‘Saramona Said’ and the Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘1979’, taken out the WAMI for best rock song, won Channel V’s Discover competition, lapped Australia many times with shows supporting the likes of Gyroscope, The 1975, Kingswood, Luca Brasi and British India. In 2015 they dominated with singles ‘Suck’ and ‘I Don’t Think You Like Me’, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the year ahead!

REMI – 24-year-old Melbourne artist REMI is one of the fastest-rising hip-hop acts in Australia and is quickly gaining the attention of international tastemakers. His last album Raw x Infinity saw REMI nominated for triple j’s Album of the Year, take out the Australian Music Prize as well as win an AIR award for Independent Hip-Hop Album of the Year in 2015. Having performed his own sold-out shows, world class Australian and European festivals, REMI has also shared stages with Danny Brown, Vic Mensa, Joey Bada$$, De La Soul and was invited to perform Gorillaz tracks with Damon Albarn on each of his Australian tour shows. What stands out even more than his impeccable track record is REMI’s ability to entertain.

RY X – “RY X was a seed that was planted, gently watered and nurtured. And it has grown, and blossomed. It has already grown beyond what I initially imagined.” elaborates Australian artist RY X of his rise to notoriety following his standout debut EP, Berlin released late 2014. Benchmarking his return is his new offering entitled ‘Only’ – a seamless extension of its predecessor, which once again showcases RY X’s boundless ability to create thought-provoking atmospheric pop music, engulfed with his distinctively ethereal vocal lines. With his new album Dawn just released to critical acclaim, his live show promises to be an emphatic statement of intent from this uniquely captivating artist.

MARLON WILLIAMS – Blessed with the kind of voice that can stop you in your tracks, Marlon Williams is the Kiwi born, Melbourne based songwriter on everyone’s lips right now. Having just released his debut self-titled album and delivered on floods of promise, Williams has been gliding his way into hearts and minds worldwide over the past year. Electrifying, star making performances on Conan O’Brien and Jools Holland has expanded his fanbase exponentially and it’s not hard to figure out why. With a countrified vibe that lies somewhere between Johnny Cash and Jeff Buckley and a live show as intense as it is charming, this unassuming heart throb will be a smoky for best on ground at this year’s festival.

LEMAITRE – Hailing from Oslo and citing the likes of Daft Punk, Røyksopp and Crystal Castles as influences, Lemaitre have been recruited to bring some unstoppable noise to this years festival. Forming in 2010, this dynamic duo go way back to their school days in Lillehammer, where they forged a musical friendship that would build into the Indie Electro House behemoth we see before us today. Recently relocating to Los Angeles (where they live in Dr Dre’s old house no less) they are best known for their Relativity series of EP’s which have gained popularity and seen their tunes featured everywhere.

SHURA – British/Russian singer-songwriter and producer Shura has been causing a stir with her hypnotic style. Citing Madonna and Janet Jackson among her influences, Shura’s music blends touches of hip-hop, 90s RnB and 80s pop like it’s all been mixed together in one magical sonic blender. ‘Touch’, Shura’s debut, gossamer-light take on keening pop, arrived as if from nowhere: a lyrical snapshot of that awkward friend-zone period post-break-up, it has since translated into over 20 million plays and has left listeners begging for more.


2016/17 EVENTS:
Lorne VIC: 28 Dec, 29 Dec, 30 Dec, 31 Dec (est. 1993) 18+ event
Marion Bay TAS: 29 Dec, 30 Dec, 31 Dec (est. 2003) All ages
Byron Bay NSW: 31 Dec, 01 Jan, 02 Jan (est. 2013) 18+ event
Fremantle WA: 07 Jan, 08 Jan (est. 2016) 18+ event

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