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| 19 August 2016 | Reply


We have two copies of this great indie DVD – already a popular cult underground hit – to give away to Australian readers. Email and tell us which punk band you’d like to be side-by-side with in a fight for your life!! Most creative or funny answers win & we’ll publish them here next week – entries close Monday, 22 August, 2016 at 5pm AWST. Get to it!

Reel DVD
August 2016
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar
9 ½ /10

Green Room banner

Writer/director Jeremy Saulnier has crafted a punk-grindhouse cult classic with this low budget tale of punk band Ain’t Rights, who are limping towards the collapse of their West Coast America tour, siphoning petrol to get between gigs from which they barely make enough money for a meal.

After one particularly dispiriting show the band – played with charisma and hardcore cred by the late Anton Yelchin (Star Trek), Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development), Joe Cole (Peaky Blinders) and Callum Turner (War & Peace) – on the verge of packing it in, but are offered a well-paid show at a remote Oregon skinhead stronghold, which goes well.

On the verge of departing happily, a mobile phone left behind leads to the discovery of a murder, and things rapidly spiral out of control for the foursome.

Green Room 01

The road-weary punks are soon shown to be no match for the murderous skinheads: for all their counter-culture braggadocio, paintball is as close as their middle-class-angst has ever taken them to this sort of urban terrorism.

Imogen Poots (fast becoming the go-to girl for rock n’ roll drama, after her headline performance in Roadies, a show which could do with a huge injection of Green Room’s gritty realism) delivers a down to earth performance as Amber, a witness to the murder, and Patrick Stewart is riveting as the coldly calculating, hateful and charismatic white supremacist leader Darcy. An authentically chilling support cast, including killer dogs, and an excellent special effects team ensure that Green Room is not only an authentic punk road drama, but also a gruesome, chilling, gory urban horror story and one of the surprise hits of the year.

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