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| 22 July 2016 | Reply

Roadshow Entertainment
18 July, 2016
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar
6 1/2/10

Batman Vs Superman cover

Holy Kryptonite, viewers – what the hell did I just watch?

I may not have been a comic book guy since I was knee-high to an AntMan, but there’s no mistaking that Batman Vs Superman is muddled mess of a film.

It is entertaining – if all you need to be entertained is two darkly brooding alpha males in a huff with each other going about punching and crashing and blowing stuff up – but utterly baffling not only in plot, but also in the more overriding sense of, ‘why couldn’t they have just written and made a story that made sense?’

In essence, zany badman Lex Luther (played with near-autistic schoolboy glee and no menace at all by Jesse Eisenberg) doesn’t have to work too hard to turn Batman (a dark and brooding, bitter and twisted Ben Affleck) and Superman (a dark and brooding, loving and conflicted Henry Cavill) against each other.

Cue punching and smashing and exploding. Luther creates some kind of Frankensteinian-Kryptonian Golem from the preserved corpse of General Zog and his own blood. Wonder Woman flies in on a plane rather than under her own speed. Superman’s MUM even gets kidnapped.

None of it makes anywhere near enough sense.

Once again D.C. have tried to emulate the uber-successful Marvel franchise, but have forgotten the key factor that make Marvel so successful: their movies, their characters, have humanity, empathy, and humour. All of which are lacking here in favour of contrived melodrama and noir upon noir upon noir.

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