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CD REVIEW: TED POLEY – Beyond The Fade

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Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Release Date: May 13, 2016

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Ted Poley is still at it with his late band Danger Danger, but more recently he has launched a disc of all new material with Frontiers Records, and this eleven song collection is full of cool melodic rock tracks that bring to mind other great tracks from Ted’s catalog while keeping his sound fresh and modern, thanks to killer song writing and production.  “Let’s Start Something” kicks the disc off in the right direction with searing lead guitar riffs and Ted’s familiar vocals soaring above the guitar and keyboard mix.  The groove of the track takes us back to a time when melodic rock filled MTV and the airwaves with a hard rock feel.  “Everything We Are” keeps the keyboards and guitars prevalent in the mix while Ted leans into a lower portion of his vocal register, showing a more mature approach to singing and putting his stamp on the new material.  “The Perfect Crime” is a beautiful ballad that rests heavier on the vocals of Poley and guest Issa.  This slows things down while keeping a heavy bottom end intact, along with ethereal keyboards and a strong guitar presence.  The duet swirls nicely and shows how well the two voices blend together.  “Higher” comes off different with the first few notes, but quickly conforms to fit with the other tracks on the disc, but seems to be missing some of the pop on the verse.  When the chorus kicks in, the song falls in line and helps complete the melodic puzzle on the disc.  “You Won’t See Me Cryin'” features some great guitar work alongside a bottom end that boasts heavy handed drumming and solid bass lines.  The layered background vocals are perfect for the track and seem to pull from Poley’s recorded past as a solo artist or as a member of Danger Danger.  “Sirens” is a cool track that gives Poley room to run on a track that features one of the more anchored tempos on the disc.  This track seems to be another that would fit easily on the singer’s 2007 solo release Smile, thanks to the killer vocals, guitars, and rhythm section.

“Hands Of Love” slows things a bit compared to the two opening tracks on the disc, but the guitars, keyboards, and vocals come together to form a perfect melodic storm that demonstrate Poley’s ability to reel in his vocals and deliver and emotional lyric with precision.  The bottom end seems to chug underneath the track, providing a solid foundation for the song.  “Stars” brings a slightly different feel and sound to the disc without deviating from the pattern cut by the other tracks.  This song brings more of a modern flavor to the mix while anchoring itself in melodic territory at the chorus.  “Where I Lost You” is definitely a more modern tinted track, but the melody and groove of the track could just as easily have been ripped from Poley’s 2007 release Smile (still one of my favorites albums).  The chorus is simple, yet drives the mood of the track and keeps the flow of the disc moving forward.  “We Are Young” has a mellower groove than other tracks, but seems to pull together the different textures and tones from across the disc, especially as the chorus kicks in full throttle and has big vocals, guitars, and melody.  The musical accompaniment delivers an emotional backdrop for the vocals and lyrics.  The guitar solo at the bridge is one of the best on the disc.  Disc closer “Beneath The Stars” is a killer end to the disc with soaring keyboards that blend well with the full guitar riffs and pounding bottom end.  The verse showcases Ted’s emotionally charged vocals that bring across the urgency of the lyrics.  The chorus drops in and the song gains momentum and strength without getting too heavy or driven.  This song creates the need and want to listen to this disc over and over when it comes to a close.  Most of these tracks will fit perfectly alongside other Poley classics when he takes these to a live audience and performs them.  If this is the direction of Ted’s material, I cannot wait to hear what comes next in his musical journey.

Tracklisting: Let’s Start Something – Everything We Are – Hands Of Love – The Perfect Crime – Stars – Higher – Where I Lost You – You Won’t See  Me Cryin’ – We Are Young – Sirens – Beneath The Stars





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