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CD REVIEW: OTEP – Generation Doom

| 19 April 2016 | Reply

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Label: Napalm Records

Release Date: April 15, 2016

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Otep signed off a few years ago and said she was done recording new material… with the arrival of Generation Doom we know that the draw to create more art was too much for her and it’s a good thing, as this album is a cool mix of different vibes and grooves from Ms. Shamaya.  Disc opener “Zero” is a reflection on Otep’s discography, as this has tons of screams and attitudes thrown on top of a heavy bottom end and ferocious tempo.  The lyrics drive home the image Otep has been portraying her whole career… she gives exactly Zero fucks.  “Feeding Frenzy” opens with fuzzed guitars and more heavy drums and bass, along with guttural screams and melodic vocals at the verse, layered vocals at the chorus.  “God Is A Gun” is a pissed off ode that leans into the typical Otep sound, keeping the track and disc in line with her catalog both musically and lyrically.  “On The Shore” is another track that demonstrates the beauty in Otep’s voice.  The vibe is mellow compared to most of her discography and this disc, but shows how the need to create drove her into different directions.

“Lords Of War” slows the pacing of the disc way down during the verse sounding like something that could have been pulled from her debut release Sevastra.  The chorus is contagious and has a cool stop break built into it that grabs you by the throat and gets you to pay attention, if you weren’t already.  “Down” blends a radio rock vibe with the heavier / industrial metal groove that Otep has made a career of, giving the song a cool vibe and different texture.  “Equal Rights, Equal Lefts” brings a rap-like vibe to the table, blended with an electronic groove.  The lyrics are straight… even though Otep is not (check the tracks lyrics for the reference).  The song, while different than just about anything she has done in the past, fits in with the rest of her discography.  The title track “Generation Doom” is pure Otep – pissed off, aggressive, and unapologetic.  The lyrics give us another glimpse at the psyche and though process of Shamaya.  This is quintessential Otep if you are into her heaviest stuff.

One of the biggest surprises on the disc is a cover of Lorde’s “Royals.”  The music is perfectly arranged for this version, and the vocals Otep throws on the track are awesome, blending a sweet pop sensibility with the aggressive natural tone that she is known for.  This is a cool take on something is 180 degrees from what one might expect from Otep, which makes this the perfect selection, if she were going to record a cover track.  “In Cold Blood” is a straight ahead rocker that, while a surprise and deviation from most of Otep’s material, is a great song that demonstrates the softer side of Shamaya’s vocals and makes me wonder why she doesn’t ‘sing’ more than she does, as her beautiful voice shines on this track.  “No Color” is another track that feels and sounds as if it was meant to be on the debut back in 2002.  The guitars have an eerie groove that rides above the heavy handed bass and pounding drums, along with an anthemic chorus.  “Lie” is one of my favorite tracks on the disc.  The groove is heavy without becoming too overpowering.  The vocals are steady and give us a glimpse at the melodic tones behind the screams, groans, and cries.  The guitars are solid and the song takes the best aspects and components from the other tracks on the disc and swirls them together on this track.

Tracklisting: Zero – Feeding Frenzy – Lords Of War – Royals – In Cold Blood – Down – God Is A Gun – Equal Rights, Equal Lefts – No Color – Lie – Generation Doom – On The Shore






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