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CD REVIEW: BLACKFOOT – Southern Native

| 10 August 2016 | Reply


Label: Loud & Proud Records

Release Date: August 5, 2016

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

With its latest effort spearheaded by founding member and current Lynyrd Skynyrd lead guitarist Ricky Medlock, I wasn’t sure how southern fried the new disc from this revamped lineup would be, but put the Rebel banners down and get ready to wave your rock flag… this disc leans heavily on classic rock sounds, twisting in some blues and hints of Southern rock.  Disc opener “Need My Ride” comes screaming out of the gate with a furious tempo and searing guitar leads.  The vocals jump into the fray and we are off and running.  The chorus seems to pick up steam while keeping the charging bottom end in place.  “Southern Native” kicks off with more heavy handed drumming and pounding bass lines from Matt Anatasi and Brian Carpenter respectively that anchor the track.  When the guitars and lead vocal jump in at the verse, the song gets a little swagger and attitude thrown in for good measure.  “Call Of A Hero” delivers a heavier modern rock take on the Blackfoot sound, keeping hints of slide guitar and Tim Rossi’s blues flavored vocals swirled into the mix.  The drums add pop to the track.  “Whiskey Train” is one of the most infectious tracks I have heard in a long time.  The chugging riffs, smoldering vocals, and over the top drums and percussion take this song to the next level – creating what should be one of the highlights of the bands live set.  This is a cool twist and back-of-the-envelope nod to one of the bands signature hits “Train, Train.”  Jumping into a cover, the foursome manhandles and updates CSN&Y’s “Ohio” and adds a modern punch while honoring the classic track, even with the lyrical twist at the end.

“Everyman” brings a killer blues riff to life from the first note and keeps it woven into the tracks fabric through mellow verses and catchy chorus.  The drums add punch without drowning out the mix at the second verse.  This may be one of the best delivered vocals on the disc, as you can feel the power of the lyrics.  “Take Me Home” is a milder track that leans into ballad territory without getting wispy or weak – Rossi’s vocals drive the track, as does the twin guitar sound from guitarist Rick Krasowski and Rossi.  The solos dropped in the chorus and bridge help this song fit within the parameters of the disc.  “Satisfied Man” kicks off with cool riffs and solos blending together while Carpenter’s bass dots the musical horizon and gives the band a perfect cadence for this rocker.  The drums punctuate the bottom end while the twin guitar sound allows the song to reach the upper registers as well.  “Love This Town” is a great track that brings a killer cadence and smoking guitar riffs to the mix.  The song shifts pace and intensity a couple times without losing any of its feel or impact.  The guitar work is killer, especially the slide guitar at the bridge.  This is one of the more contagious tracks on the disc next to the earlier referenced “Whiskey Train.”  Closer “Diablo Loves Guitar” is a cool hybrid instrumental that shows flashes of different guitar riffs, solos, and sounds that on the surface don’t seem to fit, but work perfectly together within the framework of the track.  The latest incarnation of Blackfoot may not be what you expected, but the power of these four rockers along with their mentor Medlock cannot be denied.

Tracklisting: Need My Ride – Southern Native – Everyman – Call Of A Hero – Take Me Home – Whiskey Train – Satisfied Man – Ohio – Love This Town – Diablo Loves Guitar






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