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| 12 February 2016 | Reply


Label: Independent

Release Date: February 26, 2016

Rating: 7.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Sometimes a first listen through a disc is all I need to determine whether or not I dig it.  The soon to be dropped independent release from The Flux Machine is one that took more than a couple spins, due to the various sounds and styles.  To be honest – I couldn’t tell if I liked it or not; each song struck me differently and prompted me to spin the disc over and over for a couple days to totally absorb the songs.  “Run Away” opens the disc and this is a cool slice of alternative-pop-rock goodness.  The fuzzy vocals and chugging guitars swirl in the verse while the chorus takes on a catchy vibe.  The tempo of the track is fun and gets the foot tapping.  “Square Up” opens with a heavier, almost industrial feel than the disc opener, but soon shifts gears as the chorus kicks in and brings a more alternative driven vibe.  The guitars are solid and compliment the vocals.  “Toxic Love” is a cool garage rock-tinged track that leans into the punk arena without losing the original groove of the track.  The chorus is catchy and keeps the mood light and flowing.  “Mess You Up” has more pop-punk inspired speed to the tempo.  The drums lead the charge, while the bass and guitars work to keep up.  The track loses me when the chorus turns post hardcore and screamo.  “Love And Affection” is one of the better tracks on the disc, thanks to the simple construction of the song.  The music isn’t overplayed and the vocals aren’t over thought or produced.  The punk quotient of this track is equally matched by the pop-rock vibe of the guitars.  “Jack, Jim & Johnny” is an obvious nod to three killer whiskeys, but the songs guitars and harmonica that push the opening verse really set the tone for the rest of the track.  The vein of this song isn’t hard to find, it’s just a bit mixed up.  I catch hints of punk and rock-a-billy, tossed with an alternative vibe.

The title track “Louder!” slams through the speakers and comes at you like a punk-filled alterna-rock track.  The underlying guitars and bass create an industrial feel that sounds like something Dope or Manson may have recorded when in a poppier mood.  “How It’s Gonna Be” features some driving bass and crashing drums in the opening and gains speed and momentum from there, thanks to the layered lead and background vocals.  The little pings and squeals that are thrown in for good measure helps the tracks cause.  “Believe” is a great folk-meets-rock, with mellow vocals and solid playing from the rhythm section.  This chorus gets fuzzy and steers away from the path cut by the verse, but it works on this track.  “Wheels Of Love” is another song that takes a nod from garage rock and swirls in some fuzzy alternative sound.  The vocals contrast the guitar, which gives the song an artsy feel.  “Crash Down” is more of the same from the two-man band.  The rushed cadence of the track seems to accelerate at the chorus thanks to solid playing, but the song stays steady and remains the most consistent track on the collection.  “Hate Love” is pop-punk from start to finish.  The vocals add a bit of punch to the chorus and bridges, without detracting from the rest of the track.  This short song seems as bi-polar as the title may indicate, thanks to a chorus that proclaims ‘I fucking hate you, but I love you.’

​Tracklisting – Run Away – Square Up – Louder! – Toxic Love – How It’s Gonna Be – Mess You Up – Believe – Love And Affection – Wheels Of Love – Jack, Jim & Johnny – Crash Down – Hate Love






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