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| 24 February 2016 | Reply


Label: Frontiers Music srl

Release Date: February 19, 2016

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

New rock from new artists either hits the mark with me or falls short.  The debut release from rock new comers Inglorious definitely hit the mark and has left an impression.  Disc opener “Until I Die” starts things off with a nod to classic rock, sounding a LOT like Deep Purple thanks to a killer keyboard intro that helps set the tone for the track and disc.  The song is one of the best on the disc and a great way to kick things into gear.  “Breakaway” brings the sound and groove of the disc a little more modern, but keeps a classic sounding guitar riff intact underneath the vocals and full bottom ended sound from the rhythm section.  “Holy Water” is a bluesier track that seems to float along unnoticed, but contains some of the coolest riffs and ad libs on the disc.  Nathan James’ voice carry the track from open to close with a different take on blues vocals.  “Bleed For You” features Andreas Ericksson and Wil Taylor on guitars – a beautiful acoustic guitar intro that blends with the electric guitar at the verse and builds up steam into the chorus.  “You’re Mine” features crunchy guitars and pounding drums.  The skin bashing from Phil Beaver provides the perfect cadence for this gritty rocker.  The bass underneath the mix from Colin Parkinson helps anchor the track and keep the sound flowing.  “Wake” closes the collection with the most diverse sound and vibe from the band on the entire disc. The acoustic guitars combined with the searing vocals gives the band a different rock weapon in their arsenal – a cool power ballad that allows the band to show off their song writing, as this cool song is stripped to the bare bones.

“High Flying Gypsy” twists more classic rock sounds together to create a really cool rocker that blends chugging bass line from Parkinson with soulful vocals from James.  The chorus allows the singer to flex his vocal chords and soar above the rest of the track.  “Warning” opens slowly, but soon a killer blues-rock vibe is thrown at you and you can’t help but take notice.  The guitar work from Taylor and Eriksson shines through on the verse and chorus when the energy is dialed up after the intro.  “Girl Got A Gun” is a moodier rocker that uses the different instruments, including the heavy handed drums from Beaver to set the pace for the track.  The song takes a turn at the chorus and turns up the volume.  This song brings together the different textures from various tracks on the disc and builds a full wall of sound.  The album’s title track, “Inglorious” brings a different feel to the disc with a song that shifts directions and tempo several times without getting lost in the mix or sounding disjointed.  The layered guitars bleed together with the rhythm section while the vocals add depth to the verse.  “Unaware” has a beautiful piano interlude to open that tricks you into thinking this song is headed in a different direction.  Once the guitars and bass drop in, we are treated to a killer track that gives us some of the best riffs and heaviest bass lines on the disc.  James’ vocals complete the different feel and direction of this track, especially at the chorus.

​Tracklisting: Until I Die – Breakaway – High Flying Gypsy – Holy Water – Warning – Bleed For You – Girl Got A Gun – You’re Mine – Inglorious – Unaware – Wake






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