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| 2 February 2016 | Reply


Label: Bad Brad Music

Release Date: December 11, 2015

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Sometimes a first listen to an artist doesn’t let you into the heart and soul of their music.  When I first heard of (and met) Bad Brad, he was playing guitar with Colt Ford’s band.  When his disc was recommended by a friend, I expected something more in the vein of Colt Ford and less in the vein of a guitarist with different sounds and styles inside of him.  “Sonic Wasteland” opens the disc, and you aren’t sure at first what to expect… as the guitar starts chugging and the drums pound along, the song takes on a heavy groove and moves along with fun pings and squeals in the background, demonstrating some of Brad’s influences.  “Assassin” is up next and combines different sounds with some furious guitars and a different vocal / lyric style than the previous track, leaning toward rap / rock.  “N2 The Ether” brings the guitar front, but also combines it with one of the better vocals on the disc.  The different textures from the guitar give this song punch, especially at the chorus.  “Take Names” is a chugging rocker that has different sounds and styles blended together, again showing some of Brad’s influences.  The vocals are a little different than other tracks, but don’t detract from the song.  “After The Rain” is hands down my favorite track on the disc.  The guitar work is as emotion filled as the vocals and lyrics.  The simplicity of Bad Brad’s vocals, combined with a killer female duet at the chorus, give the song a cool feel.  Listen for the cool guitar pieces that are dropped into the mix, especially at the bridge.

“Ye Of Little Faith” is a cool song that showcases more of Brad’s guitar work than anything.  The chugging riff during the verse dresses up the track and leads us into a catchy chorus that gives us more chugging riffs.  “Space Cadet” is an instrumental that shows off a couple different sides of Bad Brad.  The playing on what would be the verse of the track is solid and keeps the track moving, while the pre-chorus and chorus are full of solos and fun fretwork, giving this track depth.  “Left For Dead” is a furious rocker that gives us a peek into Brad’s thrash side / influences.  The rhythm of the track gets the head banging, but slows to feature a rap-style vocal, only to return to a frantic pace at the chorus.  “Smoke Em (420)” features some different guitar sounds and grooves, but leans back toward the earlier track Assassin, with a rap / rock feel to the lyric.  “Rise Again” brings the disc to a close with a cool rocker that features more chugging riffs surrounded by solos, and a very rhythmic tempo that almost hypnotizes you as the song flows through the speakers.  This isn’t your typical guitarist album – this is Bad Brad doing what he wants, while showing off his guitar prowess.

​Tracklisting: Sonic Wasteland – Assassin – Ye Of Little Faith – N2 The Ether – Space Cadet – Take Names – Left For Dead – After The Rain – Smoke Em (420) – Rise Again





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