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| 15 December 2015 | 1 Reply

Saustex Media
20 January, 2015
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

The Grannies - Ballsier cover

You’d be forgiven for expecting bilious sleazepunk from this bunch of dudes, leering out from their album cover dressed in grannie-drag and sporting names like Wizard Sleeves, Lois ‘Carmen’ DeNominator, Jayne Fondle, Anita Drink and Helena Handbasket… especially when they’re blokes. Well, they look like blokes… or pretty ugly chicks, otherwise.

Instead though, we’ve got a slab of riffy punk n’ roll, replete with a great sense of humour and a real groove as these Grannies go over the top in search of good rocking fun.

Wade In Bloody Water, Eviller and Trouble Hurricane set the tone from the start: you will be rocked, and rocked hard. Hillbilly With Knife Skills and Corner Of Fuck And You sees a Nashville Pussy element enter the mix, and Glittershitter and Outta My Skull are the sound of the best night you got arrested and couldn’t remember what the fuck happened.

Two remixes show they have an alternate career waiting for them if they choose to diversify, especially the first one, Corner, which puts some lounge schwang into the punky swing of Corner Of Fuck And You.

The Grannies are ballsier than all of us combined, and I will wager their live show is a special kind of insanity that has to be seen to be believed.

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