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CD REVIEW: ADAKAIN – Never Coming Home

| 30 October 2015 | Reply


Label: Independent

Release Date: November 6, 2015

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

A lot of bands that surface under the radio rock guise these days seem to blend together, but new comers Adakain have something in their sound that prompted me to take notice and listen to their disc over and over.  Opening track “All Goes To Hell” kicks off with a hardcore style vocal that soon morphs into different styles and vibes.  The heavier industrial feel of this track matches the intensity of the vocals and keeps the listener engaged, while not quite preparing them for what is to follow.  “Hate Sex” is a strong follow up to the first track, with a killer musical track with vocals from Ryan Ray that drives the song and its lyrics.  The chorus is catchy and should go over well in a live situation.  Title track “Never Coming Home” is a different track musically, that demonstrates not only the heavy sonic feel of the band, but the lyrical content as well.  While seemingly mild at times, the song steps up at the chorus and bridge, taking on a heavy edge with guttural vocals and a cool solo to match.  “We Crawl” has a cool guitar sound, but a heavy bottom end that gives the song a bit of added punch compliments of the bands lone original member drummer Ryan Carroll and newest member bassist Anthony Morel.  “Once Is Enough” kicks off like so many other songs from the era and genre, but the chugging guitars from Corey Goodwin that shift between different sounding riffs and solos take this song down a different road.  “Fight Back” has a great sound to it that has bits and pieces of other tracks on the disc, while bringing a new sound to the song and collection, especially the heavy handed drumming and bass playing.

“Don’t Try” is a cool track that brings a chugging riff to life that supports the tracks feel, while a heavy bottom end keeps the track flowing, yet anchored at the same time.  The vocals seem to come to life at the chorus and shine through the rest of the track.  “Resistance” opens with a cool riff that builds slowly through the verse and seems to explode at the chorus.  The heavy guitar work and bottom end create a darker feel on the track that adds depth to the rest of the disc.  “Hey Girl” was the first single released from the disc back on September 11, and the songs groove and catchy vocals make it easy to understand why.  The guitars are full and the different textures of the vocals build a cool sound through the chorus.  The interjected rants and raves from the girl in question add to the songs quirky feel.  “Don’t Look Down” has a totally different vibe in the opening of the track that slowly shifts to more of an industrial feel, with tons of rock flavor swirled into the mix as well.  This song delivers tons of attitude from the lyrics and vocals to the guitars and rhythm section.  Disc closer, and noted bonus track “We All Bleed Red” is one of the more straight ahead rockers on the disc and showcases a different sound and feel from the group.  The track is different and mellow compared to others on this disc, but it fits within the mold of the collection by adding another weapon in the bands musical arsenal.  I can’t wait to see these guys bring these songs to life on stage somewhere near me in the near future… until then, good luck getting this one out of my CD player!!!

​​​​​​Tracklisting: All Goes To Hell – Hate Sex – Don’t Try – Never Coming Home – Resistance – We Crawl – Hey Girl – Once Is Enough – Don’t Look Down – Fight Back – We All Bleed Red






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