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| 22 September 2015 | Reply


Label: Napalm Records

Release Date: September 25, 2015

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I was mesmerized by the music and visuals when Huntress released their debut release, Spell Eater in 2012, and then again in 2013 with the release of Starbound Beast.  2015’s Static continues the legacy of the band.  Disc opener “Sorrow” brings the familiar vocals of Jill Janus to the front of the mix and swirls it nicely with guitar work from Blake Meahl.  The pair has constructed another disc of great material for their fans, with this break neck paced track leading the way.  “Flesh” features more killer guitar work and drumming that rivals anything the band has done previously.  The vocals and guitars work in tandem to set the pace for the tracks intensity.  “I Want To Wanna Wake Up” showcases drummer Tyler Meahl’s skill behind the set, as well as letting Janus bring a different texture to the vocals, without deviating from her typical formula.  “Four Blood Moons” fits the mold of every great Huntress track, with the emphasis of great drumming and guitars from the Meahl brothers.  Jill’s melodic vocals keep the song from becoming too intense, while still soaring above the mix at times.  “Harsh Times On Planet Stoked” has an anthemic style chorus that is catchy while not becoming too mellow or predictable.  The songs tempo is perfect and suits the rest of the disc, while the vocals bring a different feel to the collection.  The band keeps building a better beast with each effort – I cannot wait to hear these tracks live alongside the great songs from their earlier releases.

“Brian” features a heavier handed rhythm section, with a pounding bass line and thumping drums that ground the track, even when the guitars and vocals seem to soar, especially at the bridge and choruses.  “Mania” opens with a cool guitar interlude that slowly builds as the verse approaches, but gives Blake and rhythm guitarist Eli Santana a bit of time to duet before Jill delivers a haunting opening vocal, that soon morphs into a familiar sound that chugs along at a more subdued pace for this band.  Title track “Static” brings a classic rock vibe to the disc, thanks to the killer guitar work and the fun drum fills.  The heavy bass lines keep the track bumping along, especially when the guitar solos enter at the bridges.  “Noble Savage” shifts tempos and grooves during the opening and interlude, but soon becomes a Huntress classic – the chugging riffs, well placed guitars solos, and Janus’ killer vocals bring the best Huntress has to offer to the table.  Disc closer “Fire In My Heart” is one of the darker sounding tracks on the disc, but the constant solos that contrast the drone of bass and guitars keep this from getting too heavy.  Janus closes the disc with a stellar vocal performance that shows off different sounds and approaches in the lead and background vocals.

​​Tracklisting: Sorrow – Flesh – Brian – I Want To Wanna Wake Up – Mania – Four Blood Moons – Static – Harsh Times On Planet Stoked – Noble Savage – Fire In My Heart






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