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| 14 July 2015 | Reply


Label: AFM Records

Release Date: July 21, 2015

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Symphonic metal strikes a chord in me – maybe it’s the killer tempo and heavy rhythm section, maybe it’s the twist of metal and orchestration, and maybe its great melodic rock with heavy overtones.  “Past The Veil” kicks off the latest from Borealis, a self-proclaimed dark melodic metal band out of Canada.  The drums and bass drive the track and keep the song flowing while guitars and keyboards dance atop the song.  “From The Ashes” is next and the drumming is tribal and groove filled while the bass and keyboards give the song depth.  Matt Marinelli’s vocals create a cool sound that takes on a mellow feel during the verse and this features an unknown female vocalist joining on the track.  “Destiny” comes across like a heavy metal track that is rooted in a heavy bass sound that soon gets a lift from ethereal keyboards and pounding drums from Sean Dowell.  “My Peace” is standard fare for this disc and fits right in with the other tracks, but the killer drums and tempo give this track in a different feel among the other tracks without deviating from the pattern of the disc.  “Welcome To Eternity” brings the keyboards to the forefront and builds the sound of the track around them.  The vocals are a bit heavier, but not unlistenable and the guitars are steady, even when throwing in cool licks.  “Rest My Child” is a light track that showcases a cool acoustic guitar sound along with Marinelli’s vocals.  The guitars get turned up at the bridge and the solo is one of the best on the disc, as are the vocals that grace the verses.

“The Chosen One” has a great melodic groove that gives the chugging guitars room to run underneath the vocals, while the drums and bass anchor the heavier vibe of the track. The keyboards add a lighter touch during the bridge.  “Darkest Sin” opens with cool guitars courtesy of Mike Briguglio and soon benefits from the vocals and Sean Werlicks’s keyboards.  The songs mellow groove adds another dimension to the disc.  “Place Of Darkness” kicks the energy up a notch, allowing the guitars to work in tandem with the keyboards while Jamie Smith adds a great bottom end with his steady droning bass lines.  “Sacrifice” is a full-on symphonic piece that takes this track on a cool ride, especially during a long intro that clocks in just under a minute.  The song has a cool core sound that builds with the sound of the keyboards.  Title track “Purgatory” brings all of the cool heavy grooves from other tracks together to create a great track near the end of the disc.  The vocals seem a bit more aggressive without becoming overbearing.  Disc closer “Revelation” takes on a cool melodic feel that is bolstered by the guitar work that mixes in with the vocals and keyboards.  The rhythm section lays off the high speed and heavy tones, giving this song a mainstream rock vibe.

Tracklisting: Past The Veil – From The Ashes – The Chosen One – Destiny – Darkest Sin – My Peace – Place Of Darkness – Welcome To Eternity – Sacrifice – Rest My Child – Purgatory – Revelation




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